For Real? 50kg bag of rice now N8,000 in Ebonyi – CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said that a 50 kg bag of Nigeria rice is now selling in Ebonyi for N8,000. This was disclosed in Bayelsa State by the Acting Director, Corporate Communication, CBN, Mr Isaac Okoroafor.

Speaking at a sensitization workshop for the CBN Anchor programme for farmers, he said:
“We should eat Nigerian rice provided for by the CBN Anchor Programme; 50kg of local rice is now N8,000 in Ebonyi. Already, the Abia Government has ordered rice from Ebonyi for Christmas.”

He said with the Anchor Borrowers Programme for the promotion of Agriculture, Nigeria is set to begin exportation of rice by 2017.

Okorafor said Kebbi had already harvested one million tons of rice, adding that Ebonyi’s harvest had outstripped the earmarked production for the year.
“The development is encouraging and by the end of 2017, we will not only meet our national demand which is between six and seven million tons but have surplus to export. 
“We must rid ourselves of eating foreign rice that has been stored for over nine years in Thailand, Vietnam and India. Nigerian rice is fresh and healthier."


  1. God be praised

  2. How true? because APC government is a monumental lier

  3. mr olu go find out first,then come back and tell us

  4. Wow! This is really good if it's true. It should be brought to Lagos ASAP.

  5. Interesting, all hands must be on deck to protect made in Nigeria goods & the eminent personality in society should equally encourage, not by telling people to shun imported goods but you continue to patronize imported goods.

  6. But ebonyi rice can't stay till the next day...by the next day its already getting spoilt..

  7. cbn just wnts to be in d news

  8. If this is true then it's a welcome development

  9. Abeg let the bonanza get to lagos state oh

  10. Any news from CBN or the federal government na better lie, the same local rice sell for 1100 for just a rubber in Edo State,imagine how much a bag will now cost..

    Olu if you did your investigation thoroughly as you have always done, you we find out that they are lieing..

    A bag of rice in Edo state sales for 23k foreign,while local rubber it's 1100, imagine what a local bag will cost.

    Our country is being rule my clueless people that need God divine intervention that will direct them to lead well in Jesus Name Amen.
    That's why we should always pray for our Leader, we should always remember that God will always use the foolish things to confirm the wise..


  11. That's not true! A bushel is 8000 and not one bag.

    1. Thank you for finding us the truth here.

  12. CBN should do to help the farmers distribute the rice across Nigeria rather than social media stunt

  13. May I ask where your price comes from?@Uyi.

    I agree, it is time we start to calling the government out on the many lies it tells and the silly journalists who publish these stories without ever investigating to at least substantiate the claims.


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