Forget Recession! Discover SECRET Strategies To Build A Multi-Million Naira Business

...you can do it in today’s economy – GUARANTEED!
Does it upset you sometimes that today’s millionaires and billionaires never share their secrets to success with us?

Sure, we read about how they started from a poor background and probably from a one-room shack before becoming the business moguls they are today.

I get it. It’s motivational and makes me desire to achieve great things. But who’s willing to give me the How-To’s? That’s the question!

How do I also go from a small business owner to a big one? Do any of them share their actual strategies of growth and making money?

I believe so strongly that if you really want to help me, don’t just give me a fish. No sir. Don’t even just point me in the direction of the river. Naa. Instead, hold me by the hand and teach me step-by-step how you baited your fish, what you did to catch your fish and even what you did after you caught your fish. Teach me the pitfalls to avoid. Give me EXACT strategies and techniques that I can also use to start catching my own fish – now, that’s both motivational AND directional!

And that’s what Business Big Time is about.

My name is Dilim Okeke, a woman entrepreneur and also a business coach for small businesses. From the comfort of my house I have built quite an impressive business for myself. And I did it with a near zero capital.

I have my own string of products and I have mini distributors littered in all the corners of the country. I sell and ship my OWN branded products within and outside the country for immense profits – all this without research and development, manufacturing, overhead and maintenance costs. I don’t even have staff costs!

I achieved this and more using little-known strategies that today’s top players in business started with but they’d never tell you.

I divulge all these SECRET strategies in my new book BUSINESS BIG TIME: Secret Strategies To Explosively Grow Your Business Even If You Start Small.

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When I started my business, I tried my hands out on a lot of things but eventually, I began to study successful business men and companies closely. I discovered that many of these companies we buy their products today are actually selling products they got from either
  • Exclusive rights they obtained from the original manufacturers. 
  • Outright private-label products
Benefits Of Exclusive Rights: Exclusive rights to ANY product(s) gives you complete control over any product of your choice. Exclusive rights mean that only YOU have the rights to sell these products nationwide without competition! You can have distributors and retailers if you want but all sales and profits accrue to YOU! Imagine how much faster you would grow your business and finances with just one Exclusive Rights to a winning product?

Benefits Of Outright Private Label: With private-label products, you get highly profitable products directly from their manufacturers. The manufacturers will produce and package them in YOUR OWN brand name, with YOUR OWN contacts boldly written all over – and nobody else will know their source. So all of a sudden, without manufacturing, research and development, maintenance, power generation and other costs that come with manufacturing, you OWN your own brands (I can name at least several household products that are private-labeled in Nigeria but they’d never tell you!)

Don’t even compare these two strategies above with Distributorship and Franchising! What I teach you is way better. With distributorship and franchising, you’d require a huge registration and sign-up fee. With what I teach you, you only need samples to begin with!

You don’t need a huge capital to start. In most cases you can start with what you have – even from the comfort of your house. You don’t even need to have a store! What you need is guidance.

In my book Business Big Time; I teach you step-by-step how to start; how to identify winning products guaranteed to make you millions; how to locate manufacturers who would practically beg you to represent their products without registration fees or paying any upfront money.

I teach you practical steps to immediately start making money with your own products while at the same time eliminating competition.

I held nothing back – I even generously added a FREE legal document for you to secure Exclusive Rights ownership of products for outrageous profits that no serious manufacturer can say no to! You might want to ask a lawyer the value of drafting such an agreement tenable globally (Hint: value NGN50,000 and above)!

Do you run a service business? I teach you proven SECRETS to immediately transform your service business into a money-spinner!

What if you already have your own products and you are stuck on how to market them? I dedicate the whole of chapter 7 to teach you the easiest and most profitable way to make your products a market winner – guaranteed!

I did all these because it’s time to raise a new generation of young, bold, informed and daring entrepreneurs.

Business Big Time: Secret Strategies To Explosively Grow Your Business Even If You start Small is filled with many case studies and examples of people who used these strategies, how they did it and of course, proof of the many millions they’ve made!

The recession is biting harder. Everyone NEEDS to start and grow a successful business. You can choose to do it on your own with all the avoidable drudgery and lots of trial and error – or, you can follow proven strategies ideally suited for explosive growth in an economy like Nigeria’s.

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I have handed you your own roadmap to success; I am so convinced that with Business Big Time Book, many more multi-millionaires are about to be birthed that I am giving you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No questions asked!

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