Harrysong Leaves E-Money's Five Star Music, Floats New Label?

According to insiders, all is not well with their business relationship. There could be another artist and record label drama/fight if things are not properly managed. Singer Harrysong and his Five Star Music label are in focus.

Harrysong shared a poster via his page that was said to be his own music label. Thing is, he still has a 2-year contract with Five Star Music and if true then how will he sort E-Money and the label?

A source close to both parties said he believes that the music label will take it up with Harrysong as they paid a lot of money to break his contract with his former music label, Kevin Luciano's Question Mark Records before they could even sign him and they have spent a lot of money on him and he still has contractual agreements with them until 2018.

They've come a long way together. Hope they settle whatever differences they have amicably.


  1. We make friends in life but when it's no longer viable we can choose the next person.

  2. How can he leave them when his contact hasn't expired? P

  3. Good decision my brother...forward ever


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