Harrysong Reveals More... "I Won't Return To 5 Star Music, I'm Gone With My Sound”

Popular singer Harrysong announced his exit from Five Star music recently, launching his own brand - ‘Alter Plate’ all in same stride.

In a tell all interview with The Cable Lifestyle, Harrysong opened up about his time with Five Star music, making it known that he has indeed moved on. His words:
“I have learnt all through the years from Question mark to Five Star, my contract expired at Five expired and I progressed to open Altar Plate, there is no beef or quarrel. This is what I want to do and I am doing it.

“When I was signed under Five Star, I wrote majority of the songs but my departure from Five Star does not mean that it would crumble. 
“They have talented people like Kcee, Skibii and Xbusta. I came in with my own sound and I have left with my sound. They have their own sound and they will go with that.”
On his new company, he clearly stated that Five Star music will have no part whatsoever in it.
“Five Star is not contributing to Altar Plate, this is all about Harrysong. We have our website and our social media platform to keep fans updated about our activities.

“There is no possibility of returning to Five Star. My contract has expired and I have started Altar Plate so there is no going back but I will always appreciate them. If I am called upon to do anything, maybe write a song, I will."


  1. Congratulation on your new found brand.. Alta Plate..i pray you bring up good and talented musician that will learn from you and also enter into lime light too,like yourself.
    God Speed HarrySong


  2. Good for u .....wishin u all d best

  3. We meet to part & we part to meet, no compulsion in joint venture, we wish you good luck, Harrysong please maintain low profile, work in silence & let your success make the noice

  4. Best of luck in your future endeavor

  5. I support you my brother, obi is no longer a boy!

  6. Not a bad idea to do ur own thing ur own way ...just happy the split was devoid of rancour & Name calling..success Brov..

  7. Have learnt that with or without you. Life must move on they will only miss you for a while. Wish you all the best


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