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November 15, 2016

Housewife Beaten to Coma for Investing Family Money in MMM

A housewife, identified as Mrs. Ogenyi, has been beaten to stupor by her angry husband for allegedly investing the family’s family in the MMM scheme.

It was gathered that problem ensued between the couple, who resides on Balogun Street, Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos on Sunday afternoon, after the husband returned from a trip to his hometown in Benue and discovered that the family saving box was missing.

On inquiry from his son, Oche, the father was informed that the mother went out with her friend around 4pm and had not returned.

The husband who works as a driver with one of the commercial transport companies later found the saving box broken and empty in the wardrobe.

A co-tenant told Daily Post that on her return, the woman was shocked to see the husband as he was not expected home until month end due to the nature of his job.

According to the eyewitness, the husband inquired to know who broke the saving box but the wife could not give him any satisfactory answer.

“When the husband threatened to beat her if she fails to tell him who broke the box, she  accepted breaking the box and investing the money into MMM. She thought she could get 30 per cent of her income and replace the money before the husband could return,” the source said.

The source said the husband had saved the money for their new accommodation.

Angered by her action, the husband descended on the wife, beating her blue black.

All her efforts to explain to the husband that the money would yield income in the next 30 days fell on deaf ears as the husband insisted she must cough out the money before morning.

The man, who locked the door of their apartment to prevent sympatisers from rescuing the helpless woman eventually hit the woman with breakable plate and she collapsed.

The source said on realizing his wife was unconscious, he ran out of the room, living the woman and their three-year-old son and fled to unknown destination.

The neighbours took her to the hospital where they are trying to stabilize her.


Harbolarkale Niyi said...

What mmm will cause....

Anonymous said...

The husband for take am easy na since the money will come back to them

eniola lawal said...

Ahhh na wa oo

Hassan Aderemi said...

She was wrong not to have informed her husband before taken such risk, at the same time the man too was wrong to descend on her till she fainted.

Ayeni Kayode said...

MMM of a thing is killing those lazy people...nonsense, that's good for her, next time she will not try doing things without her husband knowledge

ats three said...

Haba! That was too harsh but the woman would have discussed it with the husband since it was not her personal money. I pray she recovers fully.

uju oyemelonu said...

what if this mmm hang on air nko, people should be very care after the warning the team gave you still go ahead and invest.

Oretade Oyebowale said...

Which can of husband is that. The money will come back with more profit

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