HOW TRUE? Men Are No Longer Men

To ladies who think this way: Men today are the most romantic, loving, caring when compared to the days of old when men keep as much as 2,3,4,5 or 10 wives. But even with men having only one wife today, some ladies are still not satisfied. The say their man don't care for them, some become promiscuous all in a bid to meet more men who in their own thinking will take care of them.

The truth is that, it's all about money; nothing more. Some ladies don't want to work, their idea of life is to date/marry a man who would buy them car and take them on vacation, nothing else matters.

Such ladies are many on the internet today and that is why many marriages are parking up.

Marriage is not a ground to exhibit crude materialism. It doesn't matter how rich your man is, if you go into marriage with such faulty mentality it will crash. It's not that Men Are No Longer Men, it's that some ladies of today are obsessed with enjoyment, anyhow it comes.

I just hope those concerned will listen and learn.


  1. Men are still men it depends on you ladies

  2. Both men & ladies are to be blame for lack of sincere love in relationship any longer because of their loves for materialism.

  3. Love and understanding matters in relationship. If two understand themselves then they will work in love and build the life they desire.



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