Husband Files For Divorce: My wife got pregnant for her boss

A 48yrs old man, Yinka Ogundare, has told an Igando Customary Court, Lagos, that his estranged wife, Abosede, was impregnated by her boss. The 13-year-old marriage produced three children.

His said, "My wife called me when I travelled to Oyo for a course that she was three-month pregnant. I denied being responsible for the pregnancy because I left Lagos five months earlier.

"It was later I received a letter from her office that she was pregnant for her boss, but aborted it."

The husband tendered the letter as exhibit to the court. He added that his wife infected him with gonorrhoea on two different occasions.

“She infected me with gonorrhoea in 2007 and 2010, that I spent a lot of money in curing it."

He said that his wife was a drunk, as she was not alright until she had taken alcohol in the morning.

“Abosede drinks alcohol a lot; she takes it as a meal, especially early in the morning.’’

He also said his wife loved clubbing not minding the fact that she was a married woman.

The husband urged the court to dissolve the marriage because he felt he could be infected with HIV if he should continue with the marriage.

The Woman's Reaction
Abosede, a 33-year-old civil servant, also accused her husband of infidelity.

My husband had five girlfriends; he must have contacted the STD from his concubines.There was a day I saw used condom on our bed; I queried him, and he told me that I don’t have the right to question him because he did not pay my bride price,’’ she said.

The mother of three didn't say anything about the pregnancy but said her husband beats her.

My husband beats me a lot and he always targets my neck; he once attempted to strangle my neck, but I escaped. He always threatened to lace me with charms.

She agreed that the court should grant her husband’s wish, saying she was fed up with the marriage.