I Pamper My Kids, It's their Mum who Disciple Them – Tuface

Tuface is the kind of dad many kids love, just pampering and enjoying. In a chat with Sunday Spice, he says he regrets that all his kids are not from the same woman and when he looks back, he wish he could correct the mistake but then he has moved on.

He also spoke about having a soft spot for kids and he hardly beats any. His words:

“It is really tough to talk about it. Honestly, when I look back and examine that aspect of my life, I wish it never happened. I wish all my kids came from one woman. I love my children and there is nothing I can do to change the situation . I have moved on and I am married to one of the women who bore me kids. I no longer dwell on that issue.”

Describing his relationship with his children, he said, “I am not the strict type because I have a soft spot for kids. As such, my children always get away with so many things when I am around. Their mothers are the ones who discipline them. I pamper my kids."