Igbo Are Majority In Nigeria, They Cannot Leave – Okorocha

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State and Chief Emmanuel Iwuayanwu have called on Nigerians to unite together in order to protect the integrity of Nigeria as one country.

They made this call at Concord Hotel, Owerri during the opening ceremony of National Executive Council meeting of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, in the State.

Governor Okorocha, who declared the event open, said, "We have no place to call our own if not Nigeria. We must defend the integrity of this country.

“The worst thing that will happen to any society is to have a visionless leader."

Okorocha stressed that "Nigerians must change their attitude toward their leaders and leaders must learn how to talk to their followers."

He expressed sadness that, "Nigerians are always in the attitude to pull down their leaders", adding that "whatever you do not appreciate will depreciate."

Speaking also, Chairman of the occasion, Chief Emmanuel Iwuayanwu, used the opportunity to call President Buhari to assemble leaders of the country to discuss the the way out Nigeria problems.

He said, "Nigerians are passing through hard times. These problems have lingered for years. They are not caused by Buhari administration. It is for this reason that Nigerians voted for change. We have come to a point Mr President should invite leaders in this country for a meeting to discuss how to solve our problems."


  1. Olu, are you there?
    Governor Okorocha is the worst governor I've even seen. He should shut up and work. What impetus does he have to talk about good leadership? It should start from him. And some one should remind chief Iwuanyawu that Nigeria was far better before Buhari took over. So whose fault is it? His? If I may ask.

  2. True talk Governor Okorocha we are one Nigeria and we should unite for a better Nigeria..


  3. igbo kwenu!!! how I wish we have 100 igbos like you

  4. He is from APC, he will never talk against PMB.

  5. I have quite a strong dislike for Governor Okorocha. He is a terrible pretender and does nothing tangible for his state. I believe in one Nigeria. Everyone of us must enjoy the benefits of our country and no one should be sidelined.

  6. U must b loyal 2 ur boss, no politician is sincere

  7. This man talking about visionless leaders...does he have any vision other than looting the common wealth of his hunger ravished state..


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