iPhones Theft Update: Seun Egbegbe Still In Police Custody

Contrary to a report credited to Seun Egbegbe that he was neither arrested nor beaten by any mob, it was gathered on Wednesday afternoon that the film-maker was still in police custody.

Egbegbe was mobbed on Tuesday for allegedly stealing nine iPhones, after which he was taken to the Area F Police Command in Ikeja, Lagos.

If he claims he wanted to buy the phones, why would any one buy 9 iPhones at once?

It was learnt that the state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, had visited the Area F Command, where Egbegbe was being detained, and was briefed on the investigation.

Egbegbe’s problem started at Computer Village, Ikeja, after he was accused of stealing the iPhones from a shop.

After collecting the phones, he reportedly told a sales boy in the shop that he wanted to pick money from his vehicle outside. He allegedly attempted to escape with the phones in the waiting jeep when the sales boy raised the alarm.

However, he was said to have told the police that he wanted to pick the money when the sales boy screamed for help and alerted the mob.

However, a police source at the command told Punch at about 3pm on Wednesday that Egbegbe is still being held for interrogation.

The source said, “He (Egbegbe) is still in custody. His associates have been debunking the allegation. He is still in detention. The CP even came to interrogate him this afternoon (Wednesday).”

Commenting on the claims by Egbegbe's agents that he is back home, Lagos police PRO said:
"You are aware that he was arrested. If an online publication is saying he was not arrested, and police said he was arrested, which one do you want to believe?”


  1. The man is a big thief he was arrested and from what I learned it's not his first of stealing

  2. How can they say he is at home. Somebody who is in prison

  3. If he had wanted to buy those phones and he realised he didn't have enough cash on him and had to go get money from his car then he would have left the phone at the shop while he goes to bring the money. But because he had a hidden agenda, he wanted to be smart. That guy is a big thief

  4. I believe the police report that he was arrested, if he was not arrested we expect him to have come on air such as electronic media to debunk the arrest. Once again if you are looking for embarrassment of the year 2016, this Seun Egbegbe’s case is "the embarrassment of the year"

  5. This is big a shame for the guy and Toyin Amakhu

  6. We dnt knw what else 2 believe. Whatever it is, he should sort himslf out with d police

  7. you want to buy phones?ok.get the price.add up the total value.leave the phones and go get money from the car.pay.get receipt.collect them in a bag and go enter your car.simple.lagos na wa.

  8. Ole...thief...you better thank God dem no roast you

  9. Enjoy ur stay in cell as long as I care, stealing is so damn bad a habit.

  10. There is only one word to describe this kind of disgrace: CLASSIC! This should be a wake up call to all the men and women who lead pretentious, bogus lives. Watch your back. Pay day is just around the corner.
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