Jobless Graduate's Wife Delivers Triplets... they need help

The number of people I've received messages from who are seeking help in the last one week is really troubling. The hardship out there is serious. But amongs all, this one is very urgent.

An online appeal has been made over the plight a graduate of University of Ibadan (UI), who welcomed a set of triplets but (no longer) has a job to sustain the family. He really needs help to keep up with the huge responsibilities.

Please if you are willing to help, see his contacts below:


  1. This country nawa people go school finish no better job to do and be ok.


  2. Triplets this time? Chai

  3. Taking care of one child is huge talk less of three.

  4. Congratulations for the safe delivery, it will end in praise, helpers would come from all works of life, my people over to us, givers never lack.

  5. Many pple complain of no job buh wen u offer dem sales job, dey will tell u I can't sell! Disguise unemployment...

  6. Your family shall fine favor


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