Jobless Lady with BSc in Accounting says "I Don't Want To Be A Prostitute"

The government need to know that there is a time bomb about to go off; it's about hardship and lack of decent job for many young adults. So many complains coming out daily.

This lady hasn't been able to find a job after graduating, she's now struggling to start a petty business of hair and nails making. She said she needs help so she doesn't take to prostitution.


  1. I don't know what to say. This is disheartening

  2. This is a good decision for a young lady of our time to engage in a meaningful trade. I will love to help no matter how small it may be. My email address is emikiah2013@gmail.com God bless you for keeping faith and know that your work will speak for itself no matter the recession or unemployment facing our young generation.

  3. Keep it up, don't even contemplate to be a prostitute, uneasy lies the head that wear the crown.

  4. Let me have your contact address for my contribution

  5. Don't worry you are on track. Gradually your business will grow.



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