Kanye West Cancels His Concert...to refund money to fans

Kanye West is pulling the plug on all his tour dates for the rest of the year, and it's cos he's stretching himself too thin. A source connected to the rapper tells TMZ: "He's just exhausted. He's been working around the clock on fashion design, both his own line and the Adidas line."

The source said the rigors of being on the road every night really wore him out. "All the time spent away from his family has been a stress on him as well. They are most important to him."

TMZ reports that the Saint Pablo Tour was set to run through December 31, but all remaining shows are cancelled and ticket holders will get full refunds.

Well, the source said Kanye is planning to launch a second leg of the tour next year for his fan... but for now he has to go back home to chill with his iyawo, Kim Kardashian.


  1. He had better rest. Na person we dey alive dey do show.

  2. What happened to Kanye o? Change

  3. WOW oh that's lovely decision by kanye West,he has let the world that family comes first and they need him the more. I just cant imagine myself staying without my family for long because of money.
    This is a good decision and to also show that Kanye west is a loving father and husband that understood the suffering of a family.
    Thumbs up West..

  4. Abeg, the dude needs to spend time with his family. Before he hears story that touch.

  5. Health is wealth bro u did right

  6. He is truly a hardworker...pls rest a bit so that u can have energy for ur wife ..(u knw how her matter be.).

  7. Take care West.


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