Kanye West Hospitalised After Cancelling His Concert

Looks like Kanye West was really exhausted, which was why he cancelled the rest of his concert and agreed to refund ticket money to his fans who had bought tickets for the concert.

Reports have it that he has been hospitalised in Los Angeles after abruptly cancelling the remaining dates of his national tour.
His action followed days of erratic behaviour, during which West ranted onstage about Jay Z and Beyoncé and walked offstage after just three songs.

Reports claim that the Los Angeles police responded to a medical welfare call at 1.20PM (U.S West Coast Time). West was transported via ambulance, and had to be restrained for refusing to go.

Sources said that no criminal activity was involved; and that the decision to hospitalize West was for ‘his own health and safety’, adding that he was stressed and exhausted.

Some of his fans are tweeting #PrayForKanye following the news. We wish him quick recovery.


  1. We wish him quick recovery, body no be firewood, all works without rest makes jackie (West) tired & exhausted. Man uses their health to make wealth, and eventually uses their wealth to get health, that is the circle.

  2. kanye is not feeling fine ...........that what i tin

  3. It is well with you Kanye West, you the REST..

  4. He should take things easy. Life no get duplicate.

  5. He needs serious rest, all the same wish him quick recovery

  6. The man actually need to rest, very important


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