Lady reveals what her friend suffered from a Female Pastor

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty in this world. Her words below:
"Some crazy things going on in my church right now. I need to share...am still in shock, need to compose myself. I want people to learn from our experience and be careful of pastors. Please I want you to share it without SHOWING my name please.
There’s this church my friend and I just joined, we’ve been going there for a long time [but] just became full members over a year ago, she’s in choir and I ushering department. Its a fast growing church and we’re very close to the pastor. We call about challenges at work and she prays for us. 
My friend is always buying things for her and sowing seed in her life… To cut long story short... A brother in the church courting my friend finally proposed to her and she accepted. He went to inform the pastor and she refused that she’ll never allow him to marry her.. This is a girl she prays for to get a good husband and she’s always announcing to the church that she’s her precious daughter. 
We thought it was a joke, she started calling him at night saying she’s prayed about it, that my friend is not his wife, that she’s not spirituality strong blabla bla, she said all evil things you can think of. [But] the guy said he already prayed about it and they’ve courted, that he’ll marry her. 
This married woman of God, that is an ordained pastor...said it will never happen. She even called my friend’s mother and reported that my friend insulted and ridiculed her in front of people. The members she mentioned their names, said it never happened... 
Everyday she’ll come up with different method to tarnish the girls image. The pastor’s sister is the choir director, and my friend was expelled from the choir cause she missed rehearsals once. 
A leader in the church called my friend one day and told her to stop coming to the church and be very prayerful, that she went to clean the church one day and saw the pastor holding a white piece of cloth and was praying thunder and brimstone for her unborn child (she’s pregnant) not my friend. 
That part of the things she said was since she’s married and can’t marry the brother he must marry her younger sister the choir director or nobody else. That she’ll make life miserable for their enemies till they part ways
Please how can a woman of God who is pregnant stand on the sacred Alter of God and be laying curses on people's children because of marriage? 
This girl is always doing midnight prayer, everyday fasting cause their businesses is having serious challenge. (We know economy is bad, but how can both their businesses come to a standstill at about same period?) Now am even doubting every revelation she has seen for me…am in shock..."
Whether you believe or not, people can upset your life's journey. Just pray it doesn't happen to you.