Lecturer Slaps Female Student Into Unconsciousness (Photo)

A Kogi state polytechnic lecturer, who is also the Computer Science head of department, allegedly slapped one of his students and she fainted last Wednesday.

A Nigerian, Mohammed A. Halilu, shared the story:
"Mr A A Zubairu (HOD computer science kogi state polytechnic Lokoja). Is at again!! The picture there shows the student assaulted by HOD computer science this morning. 
The student fainted and was hospitalized in the the kogi poly clinic after receiving a heavy slap from A A Zubairu whose steady habit is to be slapping student at any slight chance. The polytechnic management should please wake up for this ugly trend."


  1. The management of the Polytechnic must do something about this

  2. Nawao what kind of lecturer is that?

  3. This leturer must be among Boko Haram which is yet to discover in Kogi must be an igbira man.Because bello was in power nothing will happen to him.

  4. This lecturer must among boko haram which is yet to discover in kogi.Because his brother was a governor.Tell that I say God will punish him too.

  5. The man needs to face the music.


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