LOL! Lady Says She Can't Marry Any Other Man, Begging RMD To Marry Her As 2nd Wife

This is serious o, a beautiful 29yrs old Nigeria lady says she can't marry any other man; it must be veteran actor Richard Mofe Damijo [RMD]. She said she's ready to be his second wife and cook Efo Riro for him....lol.

Read what the lady wrote below:

Things wee see these days.


  1. If RMD wife catch that lady she go see road clear clear

  2. She should go for therapy and RMD should avoid ever coming across her. Those of us (ladies) who knew him back in the day, do not find him attractive but he is a kind and god fearing man. Hope she is not a psycho? She should move on shamelessly!

  3. Olu you didn't post RMD's reply na. And how you take know the woman is beautiful

  4. It takes two to tango, if you have waited for four years & yet he has not for ones acknowledged your messages let alone replied, it shows you are the one in love with him & he sees nothing or little from developing interest in you, honestly you are not insane & no needs contemplating visiting Yaba left, it happens in life what you love might not be what loves you, give another man a chance in your life, thousands of RMD is around the corner, just be sincere, upright, diligence & be open minded your right man will come.

  5. Sick tendencies


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