Lovely Couple release Ooni of Ife inspired Pre-wedding Photos... and they look sweet

There are no rules; do what appeals to you. That was how Kingsley and his lady Oyin decide to stick with the rich African culture for their pre-wedding photos, with the Ooni of Ife as their inspiration. 

Read what the excited bride-to-be has this to say about her man:
"No I'm not lucky, I'm blessed! Some years ago, all I saw in you was just a business partner / colleague, later I saw in you a gist partner and confidant I could share secrets with, then this journey of LOVE started like play n it's been nothing but beautiful. 
I remember well how I would try to run away from u when we have little misunderstanding and you would grab me back and say to me "LOOK AT ME VERY WELL, U AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE, THIS FACE STARING AT U IS A FACE U WOULD WAKE UP TO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE." 
I found ur confidence annoying then n only to realize eventually I really can't do without your sweet love. I always saw myself as a KING n u never disputed that, u only made me realize I still have to be a QUEEN to a KING. 
You are not just a man to me, you are indeed a KING as ur name originally implies. I'm proud to be the QUEEN in ur Kingdom and thanks for still letting me be a KING outside your kingdom. 
U see in me what d world don't. Thanks for being mine and mine alone. Yes Yes Yes!!! I'll gladly be ur Wifey!!!"