Many Feared Killed, Several Injured As Gallant Soldiers Battle Boko Haram

The blood-thirsty Boko Haram terrorists are not ready to give up yet. A yet unknown number of the terrorists were reported killed and several others injured in northern Borno on Saturday as Nigerian soldiers engaged Boko Haram in intense gunfight.

The heavy battle began after Boko Haram fighters attacked troops of the 119 Task Force Battalion stationed in Kangarwa. They were out to kill more soldiers again.

Good enough, the Nigerian troops gallantly fought back, killing an unknown number of the attackers and injuring several others. Unfortunately, according to PT, nine soldiers were injured in battle.

A patrol team from Baga which went to evacuate the injured soldiers was also ambushed.

Members of the team repelled the attack and cleared the ambush, those familiar with the matter said.

This is the sixth time the battalion would be attacked in recent times by Boko Haram.


  1. Boko Haram fools should go to countries where ISIS live and leave Nigeria alone.


  2. Nigeria army is highly commended.we pray boko haram will soon become defeated.There is no basis for boko haram to continue in what is condemned worldwide.we urge boko haram to seek peace


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