Masked Armed Men Storm Female Hostel, R*pe Students

The Bayelsa State College of Health Technology Otuogidi, Ogbia town came under siege on Sunday November 13, 2016, at exactly 11:20pm.

6 heavily armed and masked men invaded the college's female hostel A. They operated from room to room dispossessing their victims of their valuables.

The operation lasted till the next morning. The marauders robbed, r*ped and maimed female students in the hostel without any resistance from security.

According to ASB, by the time they left, a total of 30 students had been robbed, some r*ped and one of the ladies had a machete cut on the back of her head.

By dawn many of the students came out, complaining about poor security in the institution.

For two days students shut down activities on campus, to send home their messages that "enough is enough" of the insensitivity from the school authorities to the security.

Sources say old men who should be at home relishing their retirement in the company of their grandchildren are the ones enlisted as security men, a job that requires active men.

Strangely, the school is without perimeter fencing.