November 10, 2016

Men are easy going; Women need you to press many botton

How To Please Your MAN by Bamise Peters
Unlike the female counterpart, it is easier to cool an angry husband, you don't need to go on 50 days dry fasting because the weapon to cool your man lies within you - the wife.

Men are just one funny being created to make life easier for women. If you want to cool him just do one or all of the following, including 'delicious' work in your bedroom.

1. Prepare to tell him how much he means to you:
Women love sweet words, so as men. No matter how angry is, a woman can make him come back to who he used to be by telling him how important his happiness means to her and his home.

You must be ready to treat him with love and respect, especially if you are the cause of the anger. You need to allow him be alone for a while before you go to him with mindset to restore life into him. If you can' make your man happy, who will?

2. Prepare the table with his best meal:
To win a man, be ready to make his stomach yarn for the produce of your hands from the kitchen.

Even if he doesn't like heavy food, once you known the best of what he loves to eat you have him.

3. Prepare the bed to satisfy his s*xual desires
After satisfying his stomach, the bed is already feeling the heat as it will be the battle field to put a complete full stop to whatever anger that might be waging third-world-war inside your man.

If the food fails, this will not fail if you really know how to take care of him in bed.

Men loves the wife to be submissive as it gives them some sense of responsibility.

I am just afraid you (the woman) will bare the brunt as you will feel him more than you have ever felt him, that his where he feels he can use the 'rode' to correct you not to make that mistake again.

Ladies, as you can see, men are easy to please unlike women that you need 'theories' to understand.

With men; Life is simple and easy!

Bamise Peters


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