MR PRESIDENT, Hope You Remember This Your Quote?

Sent in by Sulaiman Salami
He captured a quote by General Muhammadu Buhari before he became the President, indicating that he knew that things were bad before he came into office:
“I have never cried in all the positions I occupied but I was moved and I wept
because of the present pitiable condition of Nigeria, particularly that of the
poor ones who are struggling to survive. 
Here is a country that is rich and blessed, and [as at then] there is no sound leadership that will do justice to the country.
We have been struggling for liberation; I ran in 2003, same in 2007 and now in
2011, and I said this is the last time that I will run, and the thought that some
people because of abject poverty will sell their votes also made me emotional
and I wept for our country. 
“Our people are poor with no leadership; they are selling their votes which will
automatically enslave them with their children and great-grand children,
because they have been denied education, health, water and so on. My shedding
tears had nothing to do with a political strategy. For what and for which aim?
The choice is with the people; if they decide let them vote for or reject me”. 

Sulaiman Salami added; "Please Mr President, hold on to your word... the poor are poorest now, do something urgently before it's too late."


  1. Hopefully things will get better

  2. Very thoughtful write up from Mr Sulaiman Salami.


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