MR PRESIDENT, Hope You Remember This Your Quote?

Sent in by Sulaiman Salami
He captured a quote by General Muhammadu Buhari before he became the President, indicating that he knew that things were bad before he came into office:
“I have never cried in all the positions I occupied but I was moved and I wept
because of the present pitiable condition of Nigeria, particularly that of the
poor ones who are struggling to survive. 
Here is a country that is rich and blessed, and [as at then] there is no sound leadership that will do justice to the country.
We have been struggling for liberation; I ran in 2003, same in 2007 and now in
2011, and I said this is the last time that I will run, and the thought that some
people because of abject poverty will sell their votes also made me emotional
and I wept for our country. 
“Our people are poor with no leadership; they are selling their votes which will
automatically enslave them with their children and great-grand children,
because they have been denied education, health, water and so on. My shedding
tears had nothing to do with a political strategy. For what and for which aim?
The choice is with the people; if they decide let them vote for or reject me”. 

Sulaiman Salami added; "Please Mr President, hold on to your word... the poor are poorest now, do something urgently before it's too late."