My Message To President Buhari – Fayose Talks Tough

Governor Ayo Fayose was on Splash FM Ibadan earlier on Monday where he said a lot about Ekiti and the current political atmosphere in Nigeria. His words:

"I thank you for the opportunity given me to speak with the people... I run a seamless relationship with members of EKHA, I have their support 100%. We run the government together.

Ekiti is the only state where only PDP occupies all of the political space, that shows strength and I am living in my state to make sure I leave it better than I met it.

To borrow is not the issue, managing it is it, if we borrow N30bn to fund 2017 budget, how much are we going to borrow to finance 2018 budget?

I didn't tell people of Ghana to vote a particular person, I have only told them to look before they leap so they don't enter one chance as it is our case in Nigeria.

(On Obanikoro's allegation) No one questions a sitting governor, EFCC should wait till am through in 2018.

I am divinely anointed for a time like this. Am ordained to come and speak against this oppression by the Buhari administration.

We are on a mission to defeat fear, I live for the people. I am not a member of the APC and I will never be. APC is not a party to join.

Politicians are humble when looking for votes, that's not my style, I am always with the people.

In Ekiti, I belong to the street, I belong to the commoners.

#FayoseOnSplashFM: To some of my people, listening to them is enough, they know I can't solve it all but they appreciate my attention.

Propaganda Isn't the truth, APC is running this country through propaganda. $29bn is the amount Buhari met in the foreign reserve, Excess crude account was over $2bn. Now foreign reserve has dropped to $24bn. I am against them borrowing about $30bn that will leave us indebted perpetually.

I am against any government borrowing beyond its tenure.
(On Ali Modu Sheriff), I served with Ali Modu Sheriff when I was governor in 2003, I thought a former governor would perform well as a party chief, I got to know he had ambition to contest the presidency in 2019, I discussed with him and when I discovered he won't change, I backed out.

Ali Modu Sheriff has become an instrument of destruction in the hands of the APC.

This is my message to the president, power is transient.
(Ibadan meeting of South-West governors) We discussed Yoruba oneness, I don't belong to Tinubu’s party but we shouldn't allow them give him the Awolowo treatment. We must not allow other tribes destroy Yoruba land, it's about protecting Yoruba's interest.

I have not said am contesting any position, I thank God for the opportunity given me, all the same, if am asked to serve the people, I will hearken their voice. I will even perform better than those in Aso Rock presently.

(People calling in) Hunger knows no party, people's rights are being trampled upon, when we get to the bridge about accusations, we will cross it.

The same horrible economic situation we found ourselves in 1984 is the same we are experiencing in 2016, it has to do with the leadership.