Nigerian Senate: An Avenue For Wealth Allocation & Stomach Infrastructure

Written by Adetola Tosinmi 
[Edited by Wayne]
“Thy glory, O Israel, is slain upon thy high places! 
How are the mighty fallen! 
Tell it not in Gath, 
Publish it not in the streets of Ash′kelon; lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised exult. 
In a nation dominated by politicians who placed their special interest over the interest of the masses, one would wonder how laws favouring the masses would be passed and executed. History has shown that the Nigerian senators are the most laziest and irresponsible senators compare to other countries. 

We have seen the Nigerian lawmakers play politics in a dirty manner (Politics of the Belly) by demonstrating their political allegiances in the house of assembly. My definition of a responsible senate is not the description of an utopia, I just think a productive senate should put party politics and party affiliations aside when it comes to making laws that affects the masses. 

A productive senate should not display an act of obstructionism, partisanship or filibustering bills in the name of party politics. In addition, we have seen Nigerian senators displaying an act of thuggery and hooliganism which is not expected of a Nigerian senator. The recent event where Dino Melaiye and his colleague Oluremi Tinubu displayed their intellectual bankruptcy by hurling insults and an unending batteries of intimidation and threat at each other. 

It is Expected of them to be debating salient issues that are productive in nature, they resorted to Argumentum ad Baculums. That's laughable as we have lawmakers that cares only about their wardrobe allowances and bank statements. I even overheard common men on the streets saying they want to retire in order to be a senator, that moment i realized that the senate is just an avenue for wealth allocation and stomach infrastructure. 

Now, the country has been catapulted into a recession and our clueless president and his cronies are contemplating on selling our national assets, what a serious joke they are! from my own point of view, i think the nations investment on the senate is a waste. some of my cronies are arguing that the senate should be scrapped, but i do not subscribe to that school of thought as i think its too radical in nature. i agree the senate can't be scrapped but their budgets should be scrapped, the senate doesn't work as hard as the common man on the street. 

The common man works astronomical hours for a ridiculous salary, meanwhile the hooligans in the house of assembly despite hurling insults at each other and their acrobatic display of hooliganism receives outrageous allowances which leads to their extravagant lifestyle finally, I question the intelligence of the electorates for electing those constellation of ignoramuses occupying the senate. i often ask are the electorate uninformed? 

That's a write up for another day with respect to the series of event in the senate, i conclude that the senate is an avenue for wealth allocation and display of hooliganism by Ignoratio politicians. This is totally uncalled for and unpleasant to the ears. An institution that Is expected to be a Vehicle of Social Engineering; they've turned it to an avenue of Wealth Allocation and Stomach Infrastructure, in order to continue the parsimonious and ferocious masturbation of the Nations Economy... Who will now salvage us from this Mephistophelean and Machiavellian Cabal? Could he be that we are heading for better days with this Gobbledygook and Razzmatazz? Wolves in sheep clothing, that's what they are.

Beware, Jezebel everywhere....Should we Kowtow in this Powwow? 

- Adetola Tosinmi [Edited by Wayne]