Notorious Armed Robbery Gang Robs MTN Office

A five-man robbery gang on Monday raided an MTN outlet, off Marian Road in Calabar, Cross River State. The robbers, who shot sporadically into the air for almost 30 minutes to scare off agents and they succeeded in dispossessing customers and workers of their money and other valuables.

A mobile policeman from Rivers State Command, who was identified as Sunday, was attacked while being attended to by an MTN employee.

An eyewitness, Mosun Adeoye, said a lady working in MTN was shot at a close range. She said:

"A mobile policeman was inside the MTN office when the robbers struck. He was in the outlet to secure a welcome back SIM when the incident happened. He was shot several times and his rifle snatched from him. The policeman is from the Rivers State Police Command.

“An employee in the MTN office was shot at a close range. Bullets penetrated and passed through her abdomen and came out from the back.”

Adeoye told Southern City News that the staff had successfully undergone surgery at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital but had some of her vital organs damaged.

“The operation was successful but some of her vital organs were affected. She might be fine eventually,” she said.

The robbers snatched a Toyota Sienna bus from another lady, with which they escaped with the loot.