Now I Believe There’s God – Nollywood Actor Leo Mezie

Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie who was recently diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD, has revealed that he is presently recovering without having to undergo transplant.

In a chat with the press on Tuesday, at Ojez Restaurant, Surulere, the actor revealed that he hopes to resume work in January 2017.

His words: “I am presently doing very well but will be going back to the States, for medical checkup. After weeks of monitoring, the kidneys were doing well, to be candid the ex-president’s wife that stated that there is God, did not lie. Indeed there is God.

“Before I left for the treatment, my church Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM) for a one week arranged for me to be taken out of Lagos and interceded on my behalf, and He actually showed Himself at the last minute.

“After my arrival I was told that I will have to wait for at least six months that they just don’t go ahead with transplant just like that. I was asked to undergo some tests, which along the line was also being informed about looking for a donor and preparing myself on how the donor will also be compensated and taken care of, after the transplant."

Full of appreciation, Mezie noted that he never lacked anything while away for his treatment, as many hands and funds were already made available by individuals and groups for his welfare.

The actor also said he could not really say what caused the kidney failure, but on several times was diagnosed wrongly with malaria, typhoid and pneumonia for over a year and the medications prescribed then were also part of what led to the collapse of his kidneys.


  1. Thank God, you are now more convinced there is God, continue to serve Him better.

  2. Truly there is God, he is awesome and has given you a second chance so make sure you make the best use of it.

  3. E don tey we God dey na. Thank God for your life.

  4. Some pple learn d hard way, thank God 4u

  5. Indeed,there is God o,am happy for him

  6. until some biter tnz happen in our lives...most of us dnt hold God in high esteem....congrats to him


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