Omotola To Ladies: If your husband lacks the fear of God, you're on your own

At the recently held Africa International Film Festival in Lagos, Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde shares the opinion that sharing faith with one's spouse and being disciplined are both key to a good marriage.
She says, "If you’re a Christian and you marry someone who is not born again then you are on your own. Your partner needs to be stronger than you. They are the ones getting the aftermath of your own action. 
"Pick someone who sees your heart, your soul, someone who sees the real you and not afraid to tell you about your flaws. 
"Discipline is key. Everyone wants freedom but too much freedom is bad. Be disciplined. It’s better to be an enemy to a work partner than to your family..."

She also advised against giving in to advances to get movie roles. “Sometimes you will get a role for giving yourself out but you won’t be able to retain it. If you become famous it will later haunt you."

Omotola has been married since 1996, and has four with her husband.


  1. Everyone wants freedom but too much freedom is bad...... I think I love that part more. Nice one

  2. True talk. Genuine love for and fear of God will bring numerous blessings to you and those around you.

  3. Omotola it has been God all the way in your marriage jare,stop preaching fear,are you saying many people that have broken home is because they don't have fear of God?.
    It's the grace of God..
    Your husband was God sent to you and have to be patient with your professional acting careers.

    Few months back,you showed us a picture of your husband going to market for you,its true love and the man his God sent..

    We pray the man gave us talk on how he was able to have a happy married life with you, then we will learn and add to our home.

    You are forever respected in Nigeria even if Mark Z,didnt visit you when he came to nigeria (lol).


  4. Omotola tell them more, those with habit of body for roles in movies are just killing their future.

  5. Nd if u wife lacks d fear of God, u are already dead

  6. The fear of God is very important in the success of a marriage cos this will always put you in check concerning your actions. I admire her a lot, leading by example

  7. She has said it all .


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