Open Letter To Senate & National Human Rights Commission

With humility Sir, may, I, Nweke Chukwunenye, a native of Awka, Anambra State, and the defendant in the criminal case with police case file No: 445/2013/, use this medium to appeal to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Senate Committee on Justice, Human Right And Legal Matters, for the enforcement of my fundamental human rights and compellation of the Attorney General of the Federation to wade into my case as conferred on him by section 174 (1)(A)(B) and 174 (3) of 2011 constitution, as my trial by the Anambra State GOVERNMENT has been marred by the abuse of section 33 (1) 34 (1A), 36 (5), 36 (6) (B) and 211 (1)(A)(B) (3) of 2011 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, by the personnel of the state government in connivance with some highly connected citizens of the state.

The Issues...
That on 25th February, 2013, I was threatened and publicly assaulted by a family over a land tussle. On the aforesaid date, the said family threatened to accuse me of crimes over the land and invite police to arrest me. The family vowed that they would use everything within their reach to ensure that I am convicted of any crime they libel against me,by ensuring that they breach on the administration of criminal justice law, with the help of police. The family threatened to kidnap and kill me if I dare absolve their allegations against me, consequently, I reported the case to Central Police Station (C.P.S), Awka, thus, the parties were invited to the station and the parties denied the fact of my report against them, by stating that, they had not seen me for years and have no issue or exchange of words with me on the aforesaid date.

Despite the parties denial that they had not seen me for years and had no issue with me or threatened to deal with me over the said land , on 17th April, 2013, the parties addressed petition to CP, accusing me of masterminding an attempted kidnapping act at the evening hours of 23r Feb; 2013. Thereafter, the parties conspired with some police officers at C.II.D, Awka., to infringe on the acquittal nature of the C.P.S. Awka statement papers of the parties.

Therefore, in May 2014, I wrote a petition to CP to intervene in my case as my case has been ruined with fraud,abuse of my rights as defendant, forgeries and perjury which are bent to prove me guilty contrary to section 36 (5) of the constitution. 

Meanwhile, in the said petition, I prayed the state police command for due investigations, the culprits be nabbed and prosecuted over their criminal acts of conspiracy to swindle the real course of justice, forgeries and persecution. But justice was not done to my report. On 10th and 18th June, 2014, respectively. 

I readdressed petitions to the state police command to investigate my complaints against his officers and their clients but justice was not also done to my reports,as the Oc legal (Mr. Ben) and other police officers attached to Anambra State Police Command continuously infringed on my subsequently reports and threatened to kill me, for indicting them. 

However, as the person charged with criminal offense, the law grants me the rights to adequate facilities and right to the true statement papers of the parties and not fraudulent documents, so I had subsequently written to CP to furnish me with adequate facilities as stipulated on section 36 (6) (B) of the constitution,in respect to the full police reports conducted on my case but CP could not tender elucidated police reports. 

This is so because the police reports issued by CP are wholly controversial and contravening as the said reports contravened with the purported documents (Exhibit A1 and A2) which are introduced by the legal personnel into my case. 

Henceforth, the legal officers in conspiracy with the complainants have only succeeded to fraud me of my fundamental rights to fair/smooth and accelerated trial through the fraudulent and prejudicial documents introduced into my case. They have also succeeded in vesting on me huge mental fatique,huge financial desertions and physiological trauma at the course of pursing for justice over the criminal acts committed against my human right.

That in the said course of pursing justice, I decided to approach the AIG of zone 9 police command and the Anambra State Ministry of Justice,respectively,with petitions. That in response to the petition I mailed to Zone9 on 10th July, 2014, AIG transferred the petition to Awka and directed CP to comment and transfer the petition back to Zone9,but the said petition was mutinied by State C.II.D, Awka legal personnel. While the Anambra State Hon. Attorney General issued a notice on 2nd September, 2014, but CP and his officers fail to comply with the notice as prescribed by section 160(3) of Anambra State Administration of Criminal Justice Law, 2010. 

The copy of the notice from the state ministry of justice to CP, as written by Barr. Emebie, the officer to the state attorney general, is herein attached, for perusal.

Moreover, the parties in this case have continued to use police officers and men in State C.II.D,Awka to threat me with the plot to mislead the court, eliminate me, premeditate a fresh criminal report against me. That around September, 2015, on my way to charter a bus at Dike Park, one of the parties accosted me with his gangs and threatened to eliminate me within or after my case on the alleged attempted kidnapping with them. 

They threatened that, they must re organise themselves and re institute fresh criminal charge against me,by burying some incriminating items in my compound and call the police to nab me. They vowed to wipe out I and my family over the land tussle, thus, on 14th September, 2015 and 7th December, 2015, respectively. 

I called on both CP and AIG Zone9's interventions but justice is yet to be done to my reports, as State C.II.D,Awka Police officers encroached on the administration of the said petitions. My request was breached by state C.II.D, Awka police officers who handled the report with levity, due to the fact that, the parties behind my peril had positioned some corrupt police officers at State C.II.D, Awka, to ensure that, my reports were never investigated and charged to court.

In spite of the above levity and impunity shown towards my reports to CP, AIG Zone9 and the state attorney general, by the police officers under the state command, CP flouted with the notice while the state attorney general has turned down on me by pointing out that his hands are tied since police flouts the request on the original police case file.

Therefore, It would be pertinent to note, Sir, that the constant use of the police officers attached to State C.II.D, Awka, by the prominent individuals in my matter, to infringe and encroach on my complaints against the said individuals, is a breach on my fundamental right to dignity to the respect of my person. Such is also an inhuman act melted on my person,which is a crime against my human right as citizen of Nigeria.

In addition, after written severally to the state ministry of justice and AIG of zone 9, without positive outcomes, I decided to write to IG of police and AGF,respectively.

On May, 2016, I took my complaints on the criminal acts perpetrated against me by officers and civilians, under the command of CP, to Police Complaint Unit, thereafter, my petition was given a tracking number, as below:
" npfcomplaint@gmail.com, on Jul 12, 2016 7:37 AM, the "Police Complaint (NPF-CRU)" <npfcomplaint@gmail.com> wrote: Your complaint is hereby acknowledged and investigation has been initiated. Your tracking number is #CRU551273. Thank you for contacting NPF-CRU".

However, I have subsequently applied for the IG findings in respect to the above tracking number, but the requested findings are yet to be released as stipulated on Freedom of Information Act, 2014. Thus, on 29 th July, 2016 and 3rd August, 2016, respectively.

I addressed petitions to the IG of Police and the Federal Ministry of Justice on the impunity in State C.II.D,Awka, as masterminded by the parties in my matter. The said petitions are hereby attached.

That according to section 316 (2) of 2010, Police Act, CP has the statutory power to arrest, investigate and prosecute any person that commits crimes within the state. 

While the Hon. Attorney General of state is empowered by the Anambra State Criminal Justice Law, to call for the police original case file, but I do not know why the Anambra State CP fails to arrest and prosecute the culprits despite the crimes were committed under his jurisdiction or is fraud, perversion of Justice, threat to life, abuse of legal process aren't criminal acts that made CP to handle my reports with levity? 

That the irregularities besieging my case as perpetrated by the parties, have made me to completely lost trust in being tried by the Anambra State government. That in spite of the negligence to transfer my file to DPP by CP, the state ministry of justice is yet to institute charge against the offenders as conferred on the state attorney general by law. Thus, I pray your office that, CP, AIG, Zone9, IG of Police and the Anambra State Ministry of Justice are forced/compelled to probe my reports against the parties in this case and hand over their findings to the federal government/ attorney general of the federation to take over and institute this case in a court of competent jurisdiction as stipulated on section 174 (1a) of 2011 constitution, for the litigation to take its course.

I ask that CP, AIG Zone9, IG of police and the state Hon. Attorney General are sued to be obliged. That the infringements perpetrated on my fundamemtal rights by the Anambra State Hon. Attorney General through the State CP and others,have caused me damages valued hundred Million Naira, thus, I ask for readdress.

I pray your office to employ the power within her reach to ensure that my human rights violated by the parties in this matter, are fully enforced.

Yours faithfully,
Nweke Chukwunenye