Prof Jega slams universities producing bread & sachet water

Former INEC chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, has criticized some universities who engage in bread and sachet water production to generate funds.

Jega, who is the Pro-Chancellor, Plateau State University, Bokkos, spoke at the opening of the three-day 2016 Nigerian Higher Education Summit on Monday in Abuja.

Acknowledging that the crisis of funding in Nigerian universities is acute, Jega insisted that the primary responsibility of funding universities is that of government. He said:
"Putting universities in such a dire situation where they have to be doing things like producing and selling sachet water is sad; frankly, it is not the business of universities. 
“We want young unemployed youths to be involved in such entrepreneurial activities to generate income for themselves and to build businesses. 
“For a university to become in dire and desperate need for money as to bake bread and produce sachet water is unwholesome and needs to be discouraged. 
“Government needs to provide sufficient funding to universities.”
He said universities are in the trade of knowledge production and should strive to produce patents or prototypes which they could engage Nigerian industries to manufacture.

He said it is unhealthy for universities to be struggling to generate funds to carry out their mandates.

On ASUU strike, he said "it is important for government to bend over backwards and it is important for unions to be realistic in their demands in order to find solutions."


  1. In this period of recession man must survive..leave matter for Mathias ....

  2. Why won't they source for their own funds when the govt has failed totally

    1. True talk. I am sure some people have gained employment through this scheme. Moreover, the need for generating much need funds wouldn't be added to school fees. Well at least not as high

  3. He made some sense as regards ASUU and FG

  4. That's one of the reasons most of our graduates cannot be self employed.

  5. Universities needs to source for other means of making money, allow them be.

  6. Only in Nigeria things like dis occurre

  7. It's so down grading to our beloved universities,i pray the government look into this and try to invest more on Universities..


  8. Man must survive, as long as its moving fast, why not?

  9. I don't just know why I do appreciate dis man,for always saying d fact.


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