Reporting The "Fraud" Of An Online Instagram Fashion Store

Dear Olu Famous,
Kindly post on your blog for the world to see that these people are running a flawed, unprofessional, incompetent, potential SCAMMING Fashion Retail Business on Instagram.

After taking my N34,500 (Thirty Four Thousand, Five Hundred Naira), an Instagram page known as @SHOPMAJU have refused to send me my exact items and still refused to refund my Money! 

Because I'm not a Celebrity?

It happened that on the 22nd of October 2016, I placed an order of 4 items in "Large" sizes through their website which totaled to #34,500. The following Monday, I put a call through to them informing them about the items I ordered, and also confirming a receive date. Having spoken to the customer care, I was informed my items would be delivered to me during the course of that week.

On the 28th of October, a Friday, I received a call from the delivery company and got my items delivered to me. I got home that evening and tried the items only for me to realize that they came in a really small size, I couldn't even wear them. I became furious, obviously they made a mistake with my order after making me wait 6days, those items didn't look anything close to a Large size'.

Immediately I packed the items. The following Monday 31st October, I put a call through to them and told them the items were too small and I couldn't wear them. The lady I spoke with asked what my size were, I told her a Large s14. Immediately she started apologizing and said the size chart on their website is a size smaller I.e (a normal s14 Large, was a s12 on their website) please how is that my business? It wasn't stated that their sizes were a size smaller. How was I supposed to know?just Imagine the Rubbish!

After exchange of words, her response was " we would send you an exchange of the 3 items in a bigger size " she said she would send the despatch person to come pick it up from my location but I would have to pay! My response was, no problem. Just have the guy Come pick it. I kept calling and calling , nobody came. No one was answering either. It was around 5 after close of business, I got a call from the despatch. He picked up the items and left.
I called the customer care again to ask when I should be expecting the exchange items, she stated 2wks max, bcos they would have to sew another one, just imagine! I said ok! No problem.

On Wednesday 9th November, I called to ask again when the items would be coming because it was the second week already and not a call from them. She responded, the items were ready that they would deliver it the following day, but I'll have to pay again for delivery. Just Imagine! All these while I have been spending my money on their incompetence! I said no problem, I'll pay just send the items!

Yesterday, the items came! I was happy. at least I was going to be free from their issues. Only for me to get home and realize the items they sent back were the SAME items they sent to me 2 weeks ago! They had loosened the sides with blade and sewed back! The blade traces were so obvious. I was furious. They said they were going to send an exchange (a bigger size) why the hell did they send the same loosened items? Those were my thoughts as I became even more furious. 

The outfits still didn't fit. So they lied and deceived me after making me wait 10 days!!! Can you imagine the insult? ! That was the height! How dare you say you would send a bigger size and then use blade to adjust the old items , resew it , and then send back! I have never been this insulted! Immediately, I sent a message and gave them an utimatum of 24hours to refund my Money and send the despatch to Come pick up their trash cut and sew!

They asked that I return the items to their office first, how am I supposed to know your office when i have been dealing with you via your Instagram page, your online website and a despatch company ! I didn't even pick the items from your office. How dare you ask me to bring them to your office! I don't even know you! I only know your Instagram and website. Imagine the SCAM!

No one has responded to me on that till this minute, that's why I'm calling them out!

@SHOPMAJU you are Unprofessional, Incompetent and a Thief!! 

You take people's money and then send stupid products!! You use Celebrities on your website to Deceive and lure people, then give out substandard items!! If you don't refund my Money in 24hours, God will Collect 70x7 times what you have taken from Me! God will give you pain as you have given me pain since October 22nd! If I Can't Punish you for this, GOD will Punish you and your entire Scam Team!

Kind regards,

(@pweetymarilyn on IG)