Securityman arrested for impregnating 16yrs old girl in Abuja

A 21-year-old security guard, identified as John, is in police custody for allegedly impregnating a 16-year-old girl in Gwarimpa. The suspect, who used to work near the victim’s residence on 2nd Avenue, Gwarinpa, was said to have confessed to impregnating the girl.

The girl’s mother became suspicious of her daughter’s behaviour and confronted her but she denied being pregnant. A source said when the girl was put under pressure, she admitted she was pregnant and that the security guard was responsible.

“The mother took her to hospital where it was confirmed that the girl was 6 months pregnant.

“The girl’s family reported the guard to the police who arrested him for impregnating a minor,” the source said.

Gwarimpa Divisional Police Officer, CSP Nuruddeen Sabo said the case is still under investigation.

"It is a r*pe case as the suspect confessed but we are trying to see how they can reconcile amicably."


  1. The security just succeeded in impregnating a minor which is punishable under criminal code, though we cannot rule out the consent of the minor to the sexual assault because she did not report the case until her mother began to suspect her pregnancy.

    1. You have just outlined the problem. Also, the possibility that she seduced him after, maybe, catching a glimpse of his office equipment. And how long she continued to work in his office until the product was generated. The boy should sue for seduction and plead for temporary insanity.

  2. Try and make peace

  3. Allow the man to marry the girl, period.

  4. What a world, God save us from evil people

  5. Mother's really need to give their children attention and for the guard he would be held liable for his actions

  6. This is a very sad news bcos of the minor involve..
    If it's a rape case the man should go in for it to serve as an example that keep indulging in such bad act..


  7. I'm nt sure its a rape case, bt whatever d man needs 2b purnished. He took advantage of her teenage brain

  8. The fact that the man accepted his guilt, he should assume responsibility and bear the consequences of his actions.

  9. This girl is strong to keep pregnancy for six months without her mother's knowledge. They should allow him marry the girl.

  10. Automatic marriage Don come be dat.


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