See The Risk People Are Taking To Invest In MMM

The MMM scheme states it CLEARLY that you may lose your money and even the money you think you are entitled to you may not get. The risk is 100%. So, with those warnings, anyone who said he or she is interested in joining MMM should be allowed. No need to arrest anyone.

People (adults) already know the RISK before putting their money.


  1. @Olu,we are aware of the whole thing and we dont need u to remind us...Life's transitory!

  2. When economy is bad people don't mind taking risk.


  3. Life is all about risk,,,d food we eat is a risk;no one can break even except he/she is a risk taker!

  4. Nigerians has been taken risk. I fact leaving in this country is risk. Government don't cake about it citizens. Senators and house of representatives is on their interest president and his cabinet is only interested in empowering their associated. Know future for our youth. Why can't them join MMM.APC brought recession. President using EFCC and other fighting PDP is that solution. Tomorrow budget is padding and missing budget how does all this concern Nigerians. Yet u stop them from joining MMM. Very bad. Government how sudden you care for you citizen. Yet you cant provide your citizen with power supply to enable go into production. You prefer going to China.who tell you that all the money you politicians you pack for unknown generation cant be use to develop our land thing of it. MMM is not problem. After all. Nigerian loss billions in most commercial banks your close because of politics and interest. MMM IS not problem. APC government you promise youth empowerment how far. our problem is the political leaders. Not MMM


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