Senate Rejects Aliyu, NCC Nominee Who Wants Senate Scrapped

The Nigerian Senate on Thursday rejected two nominees on the Governing Board of the Nigerian Communications Communication (NCC). It however confirmed five nominees on the Board.

The rejected nominees are Aliyu Sa’ida Abubakar (Bauchi), nominated for the post of Stakeholders Management and Ezekiel Yissa (Kwara), nominated as Non-Executive Commissioner.

One of the rejected nominees, Aliyu, had led a protest calling for the dissolution of the Senate.

During his screening at the Senate Committee on Communications on October 18, 2016, lawmakers confronted Mr Abubakar with evidence that he led a protest against the National Assembly. He did not deny it, but maintained his stand and insisted that the Senate should be scrapped.

Presenting the report of the committee on the floor of the Senate, Chairman of the Committee, Senator Gilbert Nnaji, noted that Mr Abubakar was not prepared for the demands of the office.

“Abubakar’s response to the questions and issues raised by the committee unveils him as a candidate who is not prepared for the demands of office,” Mr Nnaji said.

As for Yissa, the committee chairman said, “Yissa’s background as a career nursing officer will not put him in good stead to be able to effectively cope with the dynamics of the communications sector if his nomination is confirmed.”

Thus, Aliyu and Yissa were denied confirmation.


  1. We knew he might not scale through for calling for the scrapping of senate, he who heaps venomous vituperations on his boss is calling for his own downfall. We salute is doggedness he’s a man of himself.

  2. He has right of opinion. This senate personalize all national issues such as this and code of conduct issue. The question is whether he is capable or not?.

  3. That is vendetta

  4. Where is freedom of information act,as a citizen he has the right to suggest and protest, if he is capable to do the job then it is wrong for Senate to use an old grudge to remove him


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