SERIOUSLY? Lilian Esoro & Ubi Franklin's marriage in trouble

Marriage is sweet and marriage is bitter, it depends on your actions. Once it doesn't look right at the beginning, the BEST thing is don't get married, otherwise you could be faced with a lot of mess.

I actually blame we men and our pastors in all these marriage troubles today; story for another day.

There is a dirty story about Lilian Esoro and her husband. Alleged promiscuous wife saga...

I don't know if the story is true, but the truth is, promiscuity is almost the order of the day for many young wives today. For some it's because of money, and those ladies whose husband already has enough money, I wonder the kind of excuse they are creating for themselves. *Hisses*

Story according to Miss Petite:
Two months ago, I heard from authoritative sources that actress Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin's marriage has crashed and Lilian had ended the marriage. I felt it was just an issue of adjusting to a new life, which sometimes comes with motherhood.
It's been almost four months and the couple is doing little to quell the speculations..Well, let's just say Lilian is making it quite obvious. 
Lilian walked out on her marriage immediately their son, Jaden was born and is adamant not to return. Their issues stem from INFIDELITY (allegedly dating a footballer and another secret lover) and Domestic Abuse. 
If you recall, their relationship has always been rocky from the moment he proposed to her. Lilian rejected the proposal. He even flew all the way to the USA to win her back. 
This was because she was not expecting a proposal in such a short time and besides, she was in love with a Nollywood actor (who is now married). 
When she realized the actor had moved on to a new lady, she heeded to friends advice and accepted Ubi. Her family also supported her to marry him as he was quite generous to them. 
Even after accepting his proposal, they split once again and he begged her yet again before she finally agreed and they got married.
In a year of marriage, they have welcomed a son... At the moment, Lilian has moved out of their house and is finding comfort in her family who are in support of her decision. 
Meanwhile, Ubi is doing all he can to win her back. He has also tried to keep their situation under wraps. As if to add fuel to the fire, Lilian totally ignored the launch of Ubi's new restaurant (it was initially reported that he opened it for her) last week. 
She did not make reference to it, neither did she attend.  
To crown it all, on their anniversary, she totally ignored it on social media and to pass a message across, instead uploaded a photo with her sisters. 
After Ubi waited for hours, he decided to celebrate their one year anniversary with a photo collage and loving words to her. 
Marriage break up is never easy, I hope they can sort out whatever it is. But they sure know best.


  1. HMMMMMMMMMM.....lips sealed on this one.

  2. i still dnt know why we the youth of this days rush into marrage.

  3. these actors, when on stage they behave to be the best caring wife/husband,father/mother,brother/sister, boyfriend/girlfriend. but the moment they come to practical life exhibition; they are quick to crack and crumble and finally;pack up.the resultant effect is to leave the public to pick the rumbles.clinic matters where she feature prominently is all about matrimonial management and i wonder why she couldn't endure to manage hers.

  4. What is really happening with marriages of today? I'm in awe of this recent marriage crashes not even lasting up to a year. I really feel pity for Ubi because he loves his wife so much but she on the other hand don't care, if this guy was broke I would have said otherwise but c'mon she didn't even post any pic of the restaurant launch.She has also unfollowed him on instagram & not celebrating their one year anniversary even though Ubi tried to save face by doing so says a lot. I feel for the little baby in all these. Many kids from broken homes will be the majority of the next generation. It's a pity!

  5. The couples of this generation, I doubt if 85% of them can stay together for 25 years without separation like our fore fathers.

  6. I felt like crying for ubi, but it seems Lillian is never in love with him.

  7. Ubi Franklin is still a small boy, he thought with the money he has he can handle marriage . Marriage no be small boys talk at all, his wife on the other hand married him out of pity or pregnancy, it's obvious she doesn't love him. God help them

  8. That girl eyes dey outside

  9. Marriage of these days na wa. P

  10. If your marriage is not founded by God,there will always be problems. please marry right so that you will enjoy it.marriage is very sweet.its God's idea.

    1. So how do marriages of people who don't believe in God work? We get too religious with simple things. Compatibility is key to success in marriage. People who are married to people who don't possess the psychological and physical properties they truly desire in a partner will always find faults. Marriage breakup usually starts from faults, excuses and blames.

  11. To marry someone is not a do or die affair. Not matter how much you feel you love someone, you were normal before you met the person and your life will go on peacefully if you ignore the person. Never feel that your life will collapse without someone you're not yet married to. Marriage to someone who wants to marry you is the only reason to marry and work on your marriage. Love is a good kickstart to get marriage going but it isn't the primary thing that keeps a home, compatibility and a decision to work out other differences is what keeps a marriage. Marriage is serious business and not a game.


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