Soldiers Take Over Roads In Lagos... many wounded as transport workers clash

Soldiers have been deployed to Oshodi, a major metropolis of Lagos following a clash that occurred between rival groups of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

The clash occurred between the night of Tuesday, November 22 and the early hours of Wednesday, November 23 at the Bolade area of Oshodi, leaving many with various degrees of injury.

Soldiers have taken over the area, to restore calm. 

When the battle started late Tuesday night, a team of anti-riot policemen reportedly dispersed them. However, they regrouped on Wednesday wielding and freely using various dangerous weapons.

One of the factions was said to be loyal to Talo Skibo while the other faction is believed  to be loyal to a popular Lagos resident nicknamed Bush.

The hoodlums were said to have also clashed with soldiers who attempted to resolve the crisis, thus causing serious confusion and fear. Security sources say they would restore calm to the area.


  1. Why do we have so much lawlessness in this country? People tend to do whatever they like without considering the next person.

  2. When the youths are jobless in an economy what else do you expect.

  3. It's high time lagos govt do something about this miscreants

  4. NURTW members always ready to fight one another, must they engage in mini-war before reaching a compromise? mtcheeeeew.

  5. Dis agboros and their wahala self so annoying

  6. Its as a result of lack of job or work 2do. U dnt xpect some1 dat left 4 work by 7am and return by 5pm 2 strt causing problem on d street

  7. NURTW should be restructure and they should also be made pay for any law breaking to serve as deterrent to others..
    I trust Soldiers to for Stall order..



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