S*xual Assault: Rapper The Game ordered to pay woman $7m

Popular rapper The Game is going to have to write a check with a lot of zeros to his s*xual assault accuser, he has lost the lawsuit the woman filed against him.

An Illinois court ruled in favor of Priscilla Rainey, who sued The Game, alleging that he s*xually assaulted her while shooting a reality show in 2015.

According to TMZ, a judgment was entered against the wealthy rapper late last week for $7.13m.

During trial, the judge denied Priscilla access to The Game's financial records to find out his worth.

He's not ready to pay that money for any reason, sources say The Game will appeal the judgement.


  1. The game have no choice than to pay or else he should just file for Bankruptcy like his fellow brother 50 Cent..Appeal will never settle anything..
    When you are famous eg musician,bloggers,footballer etc expect many people to try and find how to part with such people wealth in dubious ways, that's why any celebrities should always watch out for such people..

  2. Don't mess with a woman

  3. That fine is too much abeg abi na gold

  4. I saw Game on YouTube vexing for the same lady

  5. Celebrities have so much access to girls that's why they don't respect them

  6. I keep wondering Why do these celebs have no self control,,now see how much a little mistake is gonna cost one of my favourite Rapper..pls we should be guided ..wolves in sheep clothing are everywhere

  7. He eventually entered the ladies trap.


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