TB Joshua's Prophesy: Hillary Clinton Actually Won US Presidential Election

I laugh when I observe some misguided people attacking Prophet TB Joshua that he predicted a "fake" outcome for the US presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Even those who don't know anything about prophesies were joining to attack a man of God. Sigh!

I even had to caution Reno Omokri this morning, telling him that as a pastor he should know better than to attack a Prophet. Why? TB Joshua said Hillary Clinton would win the US election with a very small margin

TB Joshua never said Hillary Clinton would win Electoral College. In fact, TB Joshua probably do not know what his called Electoral College because other countries of the world were elections are conducted (including Nigeria) there is nothing like Electoral College. The winner is determined by normal voting and Hillary Clinton defeated Trump in the normal voting. 

As a Prophet, TB Joshua saw that Mrs. Clinton won the election by a small margin during voting and he said exactly what he saw. Simple!

So was TB Joshua right? Yes! Hillary Clinton won the US election by a small marging.

Latest report from America...
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finds herself moving ahead in the popular vote, according to the latest numbers that emerged this afternoon.

Mrs Clinton got 59,293,087 votes nationally, to beat Trump who has 59,131,346 — she defeated him with a small margin of about 160,000 votes. What this means is that, because of what they call Electoral College in America, Mrs. Clinton will become the fifth U.S. presidential candidate to win the highest vote, she defeated her opponent, but couldn't make it to the white house due to Electoral College issue.

So those mocking Prophet TB Joshua ignorantly, be careful for your own good.


  1. Everyone entitled to their own opinion, that been said, am not in support of mocking a "man of God". But am very disappointed with this piece of writing.

  2. What is the meaning of the electoral college pls kindly throw more light on that

  3. She did really well, a woman who came out to contest in Nigeria got only one vote.


  4. I guess olufamous is now twisting words. Man, T.B Johsua guess were zero period don't sugar coat it jor!!! If you like delete my post, I've said it several times that there's no way Killary cultist woman would win. I choose Trump from the onset, he's blunt but less evil than that woman. People don't know, she's like a rat that's eating your flesh and blowing breeze to it so you don't feel it. Trump slogan was Americanism not globalism which tells there would be less wars in the world if he stands by that but Killary Priest of a Satanic secret group is interested in more bloodshed in foreign land. God bless US AND GOD BLESS MY COUNTRY NIGERIA.

  5. Olu can you see yourself? Who won? Just answer this simple question please.

  6. Hillary Clinton Won The Election votes... Donald Trump Won Electoral College votes.

    Note that Electoral College is the invention of some leaders who gave the power to decide who becomes President to A FEW rather than THE MASSES who vote in the election and which is the process known by everyone in all countries of the world.

    Hillary Clinton made HISTORY by defeating a man in the strong election. Among the Over 100 Million Americans who voted in the election, she won, she defeated Trump by a small margin of over 160,000 votes, as predicted by TB Joshua.

    Unfortunately, due to Electoral College issue, she wont be the president.

    Case close!

  7. @ Nicolas James, The Electoral College is a group of people that elects the president and the vice president of the United States. (The word “college” in this case simply refers to an organized body of people engaged in a common task.)

  8. @Olu.....pls define the word "win"....She didn't win period! Since both candidates needed that so called college vote that means she lost....T.B Joshua never mentioned the "college vote", his predictions were simply based on win and loss by small a margin. Now I'm not against women contesting against men in elections, it's just that alot of people don't know who this woman is in person. Do you know she know she would tear apart Bible pages? Do you see the exposed secret files(emails) from the her private server on wikileaks.....Do you know why many Americans would call her crooked witch?

    Hmmmmm let me just stop here....plenty dey to talk about her. Trump is not love by me but I prefer him to Killary, Trump is blunt, no an hypocris at least in this game and he won.

  9. Forget electoral college abeg

  10. I begggy, Hillary is this , Hillary is that what are you? Its not about trump wining ....just wait and see what will happen in the next 2 years, people will call for Obama.....
    Just wait and see.

  11. Remember that the prophet even went beyond Clinton winning when he said what will happen to her tenure as president like she might be impeached and that her boat will be shaking etc

  12. Olu famous make I hear word abeg,why are u trying so hard to convince us that TB Joshua's prophesy did not fail, some Nigerians are so gullible, all these prophets who behave as if God sleeps in their bedroom,God said he make their prophesy not to come to pass, the word of God cannot lie.


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