This Is For Ladies Who Wish Their Mother-In-Law Death

Written by Bamise Peter
I often hear some ladies pray their mother-in-law or mother-in-law to-be should just die even before she is being legally married into the house.

I understand the fact that mother-in-laws are often the toughest rival to any woman due to the fact that they will be over protective of their child because women knows themselves, they know what they are capable of doing to their husband.

She will not want any woman from another home to come from no where to change the face of what she has built and even still building.

Because of many stories of mother-in-laws you have heard or your current experience, you then think your own will also be like that or your mother-in-law will always be like that, forgetting humans are never the same and change is constant.

If humans were the same then you will also be like that to your son-in-law, when it's your time.

You are wishing them death forgetting the pains, stress, hardship, labour they went through, not just on the day of delivery but the ones done to get him to the point of you finding him attractive and man enough for you.

One question you should think about is, will you be happy if another lady that is to be the woman of your brother pray such prayer towards your own mother? If yes, you can continue.

Another thing is, if you pray to have all female children or you don't want any child whatsoever you are free, but if you will have a male child, will you be happy if your son's wife-to-be prays for your death before your son marries her?

Oh! You are thinking of just today not giving regards to the future?

Good for you, know that you will only enjoy the reward of your prayer only if she dies according to your prayer, if and only if she is not also begging God to dissolve the relationship with his son and any woman that may want to cause separation between her and her son or her children, whatever the case may be.

She is never your rival until you start seeing her as one.
Some women are bad, they make some ladies go through hell if they are lucky to be a mother-in-law, but why can't you pray instead for a mother-in-law that will love you like her daughter and not wife? Why not just pray for a change of heart if you are experiencing a tough moment with yours already?

Why not wish for the mother-in-law that will guide you to a successful relationship even before she departs from world?

If you can wish for evil to come to past not minding the emptiness this will cause in the life of the person you claim to love, then there is large possibility for you to pray for the positive one to also come to reality.

It is the wish of every good mother to reap the fruit of her labour. If your prayer is against that wish, just know that you are throwing stones that will wait for you miles away.

Bamise Peter