This Pretty Lady Is Physically Challenged, She's Overcome The Stigma... (read her story)

Her name is Nnedima Victoria Ibeabuchi, she shared her interesting of overcoming stigmatization:

My name is Victoria, fondly called Vick, in my early 20's. Lover of God. Love music like I love myself. An undergraduate studying economics.

Childhood was not an easy one for me.
At times I was discriminated or called names in primary school (small children sense I guess😹)(funny names, bcos of my hand due to birth casualties from nurses)

Even in the neighborhood, my hand seemed scary to them and everyone needed an explanation, I couldn't explain or tell what was wrong with me at that age, but I can remember vividly going home and crying to my mum that I was called "one hand or bent hand or handicapped"....

All I wanted to do was stay alone and live a quiet life even as a little child and i grew up alone having no younger one(then)and my (elder)sis was far away.....

I tried to scale through high school with little or less drama but history still repeated itself again just like primary school......

Same as tertiary institution, I thought it was gonna be different also but it became worst

I was restricted from so many activities.......
Few where selected for me thinking that was the best but i had my own idea
Fam wanted me to read law, (I was told because of my hand) but had wanted to study mass communication
Now I noticed every restriction was involving my hand

I began suffering from inferiority complex,lacked social communication, barely speak in public,depressed ,almost gave up on life and i never thought myself to be beautiful
(Thanks to God , who made me understand am beautiful and wonderfully made)......

I hate it when people say YOU CAN'T do it,or Vicky its NOT for you
It makes me strive and work harder
But I decided never to let it get me down in life, I believed the way you see yourself is the way others would see you.

i decided to do what was gonna make me happy and not limited
I auditioned for different music shows until the break through came I got to travel out of this soil with all expenses been paid for
Dec last year I took a risk and contested for MOST ELEGANT GIRL IN NIGERIA and came up with the title MEGN-PLANET, which has been an interesting journey for me.....

I know am not there yet
But with time, am getting there....

And to those feeling depressed or sad about life, don't think about it
Pray and work towards it and see God on your side
Believe in yourself, accept yourself, love yourself
What's !more to the life?
Just be u.

Am not writing this to get likes or
To get a sorry or make you feel apologetic towards me
Have come to realize this is who I am
Have come to realize you don't define yourself from your outward look or present situation
Have come to realize, my present life is totally different from what the future holds for me
Have come to realize in every disability there is an ability.......


  1. You just feel proud and appreciate yourself no matter the condition you might find yourself..
    When you are determine in life,the skye is your limit..
    Nice one..


  2. Thank God you understand that there is ability in disability, no body makes you feels inferior without your consent, ride on sky is the limit.

  3. I had one in my class then in high school

  4. She's really pretty. Shine on gal

  5. The great anonymous now Chx22 November, 2016 10:22

    great! keep soaring

  6. what a beautiful lady

  7. Go girl u have got the winning spirit.Nothing like encouragement.

  8. I thank God for your life, just keep on believing in yourself and don't allow anyone look down on you.

  9. In life wen u understand that u don't live for no body but God no matter what people say, how people treat won't be an issue to border for.... Thank God u realize girl ur beautifully made bless u

  10. Woowww. That's awesome. You will get there.

  11. Beautiful lady.you are a success


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