This Woman Left Her Husband, A Lecturer... & Got Pregnant For A Bricklayer (Photos)

A university lecturer in Nigeria is facing a humiliating dilemma in his marriage after his wife left him for a bricklayer.

Suraju Oyekunle, said to be a lecturer at Lagos State University (LASU) is wondering how he would save his 13-year-old marriage to Kafayat who has not only been unfaithful to him, but is pregnant for another man.

The real complication, however, is that Mrs. Oyekunle has openly confessed to being in love with the bricklayer, whom she said she prefers to spend the rest of her life with.

Here is the intruder, his name is Fatai Alimi.

According to PM Express, Mrs. Oyekunle, 36, packed out from her matrimonial home in October when her husband travelled out of the town, and then moved in with Alimi, her new lover, who was living in the same Igando community where she and her husband were living in Lagos.

She preferred the bricklayer’s smaller apartment to her husband’s house, and she took along with her, a 12-year-old son she had for her husband.

34yrs old Alimi was said to have been arrested by the police, and arraigned in court on Thursday for conduct likely to cause breach of peace, after the woman’s husband lodged a complaint against him.
He pleaded not guilty before a magistrate, who granted him bail in the sum of N25,000. He was sent to the prison custody until he is able to meet the bail conditions.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Oyekunle has vowed to do all she could to secure freedom for Alimi.

While at the court to bail Alimi, Mrs. Oyekunle reportedly said she left her marriage because she and her husband were unable to get another child during their 13 years in marriage, and that the husband wasn’t taking good care of her.

She said she became pregnant for her lover few months after they met, and that with him, she was now living in peace.

Mrs. Oyekunle said that her bricklayer lover, despite his poor status, was better off than her husband.

She said her family supports her relationship with Alimi. The guy is scheduled to appear again in court on December 12.


  1. Lobatan! Is he sure that he fathered their only child? Can he perform? Maybe he is not good in the other room with poor salary as a lecturer. Olomo loni aye ooo! The skilled worker can drilled her 'borehole' dipper. Hahaha! It was about s*x.

  2. O ga ooo! Wonders shall never end.

  3. Case closed, just allow the woman to be with whom she loves & look for another wife.

  4. He who wears the shoes knows where it pinches.

  5. This is not ordinary. Let me just say bricklayer is an expert in kerewa

  6. Not by title 'lecturer' but care ie love that the woman needs from a man. The bricklayer today could be lecturer tomorrow

  7. Wahala break bone


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