TRAGIC | Man Commits Suicide In Lagos On His Wedding Eve... drops suicide message

Sometimes if you observe that I give attention to issues of marriage and life, it's because I know what people are going through; I've been there and I have strong practical experience. Sigh!

As you read this a 28yrs old man has committed suicide in Mushin Lagos on the eve of his wedding.

Mr. Shakiru, popularly called Jarule, was found hanging from the ceiling of his home.

Relatives said the father of 2 was being expected in Osogbo, Osun State, on Saturday for the event but he sent a suicide message to his sister, Mariam, which reads: “I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

Mariam had reportedly insisted on his arriving early for the event on noticing his attitude of late. But when the message came in around 6:30pm, she did not read it immediately. When she did, she tried to reach some of his friends, but all to no avail. She then got their elder sister who lives near him to go and find out what was happening. 

According to The Nation, the sister found his room locked from inside indicating he was at home.

But when he did not respond to her knocks, she called Mariam, who asked her to look through the window from where she found his lifeless body dangling from the ceiling.

Mariam said: “I called him several times to urge him to get to Osogbo on time but he told me he would arrive probably on Sunday or even Monday. I asked him what he meant by that when he knew the wedding was slated for Sunday. He quickly changed it and said he was on the way, that he would be there.

"I was expecting him till I got his message late at night. I called people close to his area but it didn’t go. Later I called my aunt to help me check him up. That was when she found out what happened. I had stopped calling him at a time because of his unresponsive attitude.”

The late Shakiru also left some notes in his jotter, bordering on love and his life trajectory. They included “I’m Done”, “If you are reading this, it’s too late.” He also wrote phrases such as “I love you” on the pictures of his two children.

Some relatives described his death as embarrassing and unfortunate. They said he was an introvert who hardly picked their calls. It was learnt that his wife is about eight months pregnant. He was said to have proposed an abortion which his doctor warned against because "it was too late".

One of his niece believes he committed suicide over financial issues. She said he became frustrated after the death of his mother three years ago.

“I don’t know what he has encountered in life that should warrant suicide. Since his mother died, he has been finding it difficult to cope with life because she pampered him a lot and he didn’t lack anything. She always supported him out of love for her children. He didn’t acquire any skill that could sustain him. After her death, he was dejected. Sometimes he would complain of not eating regularly, his job was not paying much and that he was getting tired of life.

“But I don’t understand his problem because even his children are not under his care. It is the family that has been catering for them. This wedding we ought to be doing now is not on him. All we required was of him to make himself available. We even sent money to him when he complained he didn’t have money. The wife’s family has been complaining that he was not doing anything on her.”

Another relative said he didn’t believe Shakiru committed suicide because of financial constraints. The deceased, he said, just received N36,000 from a thrift society the previous week.

Police are detaining 4 persons living with the late Shakiru, pending the conclusion of investigation.


  1. Why did he do this to his pregnant wife na????

  2. Enter your comment...Sad sad sad

  3. Suicide is never an option though it takes the grace of God especially in these perilous times. Sad!

  4. Really embarrassing. Its too bad for the pregnant woman

  5. People should always take caution & have faith that things will eventually get better not to take suicide as the last resort. Hope the police set those four people living with him in detention free & carry out autopsy on time.

  6. Olu, are you there?
    Once there is life,there is hope. Things can always get better. 70% of rich men and women were not born in a gold house. They struggled to make it. So keep pushing. For the dead is so unfortunate. May he find peace.

  7. Suicide will only compound problem for his children he should know better.


  8. Many things are really happening in this world oo

  9. This is very pathetic ..what will become of the young widow and her young kids ...

  10. Recession wahala, God will help us oh

  11. I am still alive 2day cos I believe it is cowardice for one to kill him self cos of world problems

  12. This story is very touching because it involves the loss of human life in a sordid manner - suicide. Suicide is very bad, and the person who commits suicide does not merit Heaven.

    There's something I picked from the story - the fact that the late Shakiru was pampered by his mother. She provided for him and he never lacked. Because of this, he never acquired any skill that would help him become independent and responsible to his family. In short, he was spoiled and could not take the pressures of life.

    This story should be a wake-up call to parents and intending couples; when you have kids, inspire them in word and deed to seek independence in a respectable manner.

    May God give us the grace to avoid giving in to depression and the temptation of suicide in these trying times.

  13. God will take control in this country,

  14. God will save us for this country especially naija


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