UbiAbuja student shot dead by 'Cultists' in his parents' house

Suspected cultists have killed a student of the University of Abuja, Onyekachi Azubuko. He was killed behind his parents’ residence off Gado Nasko Way, Kubwa, a satellite town in the FCT.

According to Northern City News,  25yrs old Onyekachi was shot dead on Tuesday afternoon shortly after stepping out of the house to meet some friends.

His corpse was identified by his brother, Joel, before it was taken to the morgue by the police.

It was learnt that residents of the area were thrown into panic when they heard sporadic gunshots by unknown gunmen, who were believed to be members of a cult group.

Findings indicate that Azubuko, the father of the deceased, was at work when Joel told him about the incident, prompting him to visit Kubwa General Hospital morgue to see the body of his second son.

The bereaved father was reluctant to comment on the incident.

“The family has nothing to say on the incident, the police are already investigating it and if you need any information, please, go to the Kubwa Divisional Police Station,” he stated.

But prompted further, Azubuko said Onyekachi was planning to go back to school before he was killed, adding that he was trying to raise money for him and his brother, who's also a student.

He described the deceased as a brilliant student and a good sportsman, noting that he had warned him against keeping company with men of suspicious character.

The father said, “He was a son dear to my heart, a good sportsman and a brilliant student. But I observed that he had been derailing, he has been keeping company with some suspicious characters and I asked him about his friends, but he denied being a member of a cult group.

“We are a strong Christian family and we don’t condone acts of indiscipline. I warned him several times about the company he was keeping.”

He said his family was already making arrangements for Onyekachi’s funeral.


  1. This is very sad may his soul rest in peace

  2. That's one of the negative effects of cultism

  3. Bad company spoilt good character, show me your friends & I will tell you who you are.

  4. Wat a loss. Evil Company corrupts good manners.

  5. Cult members die stupidly and d new recruits don't have sense yet they proceed & still agree join. So, tell me why they won't also die like a fool #zombies

  6. this is too much....oh Lord ve mercy

  7. Youth of today needs to be careful of the kind of company and friends they keep. May his soul rest in peace

  8. Youth of today needs to be careful of the type of friends and company they keep.

  9. Jeez! I don't understand why people take delight in killing their fellow human beings. It's really unfathomable.

  10. What a loss...there is nothing as bad as a wasted potential,but life goes on ...

  11. Our Nigerian security is too porous.

  12. May the comfort and love of God be with the family at this trying time..
    No peace for the wicked..



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