UPDATE: 46 Nigerians Soldiers Officially Declared Missing

Nigerian Army has officially declared one officer and 45 soldiers missing in a major Boko Haram attack five weeks ago. Consequently, the Army authorities have formally informed the families of the 46 personnel of the fate of their loved ones and requested that their next of kin forward bank details for onward remittance of accrued payments.
Military sources said the declaration and notification were contained in a November 20 notice sent by M. Jimoh, the new commander of the Nigerian Army 145 Task Force Battalion in Damasak, Borno State.

According to Premium Times, Mr. Jimoh, a lieutenant colonel, sent the signal to the 145 Battalion rear base in Ohafia, Abia State, and copied the Army 7 Division Headquarters in Maiduguri and 82 Division Garrison in Enugu.

Also copied were 5 Battalion in Kano; 20 Battalion in Serti, Taraba State; 103 Battalion in Enugu and 119 Battalion in Malam Fatori, Borno State.

Also in receipt of the signal were 143 Infantry Battalion for special forces in Borno State; 144 Battalion in Asa, Abia State; and 146 Battalion in Calabar.

Each of the battalions copied in the signal had soldiers that were part of those missing.

Mr. Jimoh recently replaced K. Yusuf, a lieutenant colonel who is identified as the commander of the 145 Task Force Battalion and believed to be among the missing soldiers.

Sadly, some of the soldiers are believed to have drowned in River Yobe during Boko Haram attack.


  1. May their souls rest in perfect peace but this missing and killing of soldiers is getting out of hand o!

  2. God have mercy, I pray they find them

  3. Federal government pls look into these rather than talking about 2019 presidential election.

    I pray God see all the family members involve through in Jesus Name..


  4. Oh my! Lord please ensure their safe return.

  5. Hmmmmm its well. If dey are still alive we pray God rescue dem

  6. Why does it seem that Boko Haram is winning now? Our military needs to change tactics. We have lost a lot of guys in just one month.

  7. That's serious, hope they find them alive.


  9. Abi Boko have enhance their level of operation to black magic.... They would be found in Jesus name


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