Update On The NAPTIP Officer and His Policewoman Lover

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An officer of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Emmanuel Chukwuma Ogbonna, is having issues with a police officer in Akwa Ibom for allegedly attempting to kill his lover.

The female police officer had claimed that when she discovered that the man has a wife, she decided to end the relationship. But it appears she didn't tell the truth...

Investigations by Pulse revealed that the story as narrated by the policewoman is not the true position of things.

Pulse spoke to an officer in the Agency who painted a picture of love gone sour between two lovers.

The official who is aware of the love affair between Ogbonna and the policewoman insisted that she knew Ogbonna was married when they started the affair but that the cause of the fight was because she was dating a Senior Police Officer and Ogbonna caught her.

This is what the officer said on telephone:
"It's true that Emmanuel Chukwuma Ogbonna had love affairs with the police officer whose name is ASP Ikponmwosa Ogiebor, the DTO of B Division, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo.

But she lied about not knowing he was married; she is fully aware of his marital status. Besides, Chukwuma always wears his wedding ring, so she couldn't have said she doesn't know he is married.

It is not also true that he beat her to coma; the reason behind their argument was that Chukwuma visited her in the afternoon on Friday, October 28, 2016, but didn't meet her at home, so he waited for her inside his car.

After a long wait, she arrived and was dropped off by one Supretendant of Police Ekene who is the OC, Special Anti-Robbery Squad, State CID, Uyo, and also a boyfriend to the same ASP Ikponmwosa.

After SP Ekene left, Chukwuma enquired from ASP Ikponmwosa where she was coming from but she got angry and an argument ensued.

One thing led to the other and he beat her up but didn't injure her as claimed by the police. In fact, she was the one who put a call to the same SP Ekene who then mobilized his men to arrest Chukwuma.

He was detained and brutalized for seven days before they posted the wrong information on the Internet with the help of their media friends.

Chukwuma is currently on admission at a hospital as a result of the police brutality he suffered in the hand's of his lover's boyfriend, SP Ekene, who is also the case officer."


  1. He should learn from this and stay away from that woman

  2. Am sure his wife would be laughing at him. He got what he deserves for cheating on his wife

  3. Police is not your friend. P

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