We don't have N284bn to meet your demand –FG tells ASUU

The Federal Government has said while it had met seven out of the eight demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, it could not meet the demand for earned allowance worth N284bn.

This, the Federal Government said, was due to economic recession.

The Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, said this while answering questions from State House correspondents at the end of a meeting of the Federal Executive Council presided over by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Ngige said there was no way the government could pay the allowance because there was no money.

The minister said the government had conceded to the union the right to exclude endowment funds that accrued to universities from the Treasury Single Account.

He said while the government agreed to ASUU’s demand to exclude endowment funds from the TSA, that did not mean that universities’ councils would not have right to audit such an account.

Ngige added, “The other aspect of it is the earned allowance. The earned allowance is the only one that is not sorted out now because everybody knows and agrees that we are in a recession.

“If we are in a recession and you are asking us to pay you N284bn, nobody will pay it because the money is not there.

“So, they (ASUU) agreed and the National Assembly also agreed, but the government offered them some amount pending when we finish auditing of the first tranche of money that has been given to them in that same area of earned allowances.

“That tranche of money that they collected is being audited, but the auditing process is very slow because some people for some strange reasons are not allowing auditing to take place. So, a time frame has been fixed of six months within which the auditing will be done.

“Within those six months, government has offered something that they will be paying on a monthly basis and ASUU has also made a counter proposal to government so both parties have gone back to their principals.

“ASUU has a principal which is the national executive body and government has come back to look at our finances viz-a-viz with the National Assembly which will appropriate that particular fund because for 2016, there is nothing in the budget for it. It will be done and appropriated as and when due.”

Ngige said ASUU should return to the negotiating table with its counter proposal.


  1. I think ASU should chill pending when FG is financially buoyant to pay

  2. Asuu should realise that nigeria is in recession and if the federal government can meet seven out of their eight demands then they have tried.

  3. For the sake of students that will always be at receiving ends each time the wo elephants of FG & ASUU fights, they should reach a compromise that will not have negative impact on students education. At the same time FG should try to make it a level playground, the politicians both elected & appointed should also feel the impact of economic recession not by buying exorbitant cars & preach endurance to people

  4. Oluwaseyifunmitan24 November, 2016 11:53

    Counter proposal???
    Okay! Just don't crumble our educational sector!!

  5. Olu, are you there?
    Mr minister, kindly find the money and pay them mbok. How long are they going to negotiate?

  6. No possible now. Let ASU return back to class and FG pay when they have the money

  7. But they have money for cars. Mtchew!

  8. Abeg settle well oo.....pls if ur re interested in joining ultimate cycler,,, call me @ this numb... 08173789058....thanks

  9. There is no money but there money to buy cars for house of Rep. There is the need for us to know how best to scale our needs, when providing money for house of Rep to cars. I know you will say the money for cars was budgeted for why can't you budget for ASUU too

  10. ASUU this is not the right time to bring up your just case because in the real sense,our federal Government we not even answer you,if you like go for 2 years strike..
    Last time I check,they are even planning to reduce workers salaries..
    Please be patient,as the saying goes the patient dog eat the fattest bone..


  11. this demand is too much,,,haba


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