Why I’m Separated From My Husband – Actress Temidayo

Many women make this mistake; if your marriage is troubled the solution is likely not your physical acts and as such things like; not using lipstick, not wearing bum short or not keeping friends just to please your husband will not help anything.

There are people who have been married 2, 3 or 4 times until they get tired yet they couldn't stay in marriage. Don't focus on your physical efforts to make your marriage work. Seek help!!

Fast rising Yoruba actress and mother of four, Temidayo Ekson, has been through a lot, courtesy of her failed marriage. In a chat with Saturday Beats, the actress explained what led to her separation from her husband and how she has been coping with her four children. She said:
"From the outset, I have always wanted to get married to a man I love with all my life. We got married and had kids but marriage is not a bed of roses. I put in everything needed to make the marriage work and I made up my mind to quit acting. Before I got married, I was into modelling but I also quit the modelling gig because I saw my estranged husband as a jealous person. It is just the grace of God that kept me all through the period because I went through hell. 
I did not enjoy my marriage; I endured it instead. If I had wanted to leave my marriage earlier or I had made up my mind not to live under his roof, I would not have had four children for a man. I never said I was tired or fed up about the marriage. Despite the challenges and everything that came our way, I still stood by him because they say behind every successful man is a woman. I put in everything needed to make the marriage work; I stopped going for parties, I did not have friends, I was a chorister in church but he withdrew me from the choir and I agreed just to keep my home. I just wanted him to be happy at all cost but he did not know my worth; neither did he appreciate me. 
“I tried everything to make it work and God is my witness. I wanted my marriage to be a testimony so that when people asked me, I would tell them it was through perseverance but that was not my luck. In 2007, we had a clash and we separated for a while. That was when I met my boss in the movie industry. 
When my husband came back, I had my last born in 2009 but after then, things became so unbearable for me. He sent me and my four children packing. It has not been easy but I thank God. We did not part ways because of acting. If I wanted to, I would have started acting from the minute we got married but I respected my husband. When he left me, I felt it was an opportunity for me to go ahead with my acting because it is something that I love to do.”


  1. @OLU FAMOUS, there was a trending video of a retarded animal in form of a man beating up his girlfriend mercilessly. I am quite astonished you didn't blog about it, is it because both of you are birds of a feather? I see....being a woman beater is nothing to be proud of.

  2. What a sad story, and you decided to have 4 kids in a loveless marriage? For a man who neglected you and your kids, whom you sacrificed a lot for, and i am certain during these times you would have been looking very unkept and older than your age just like me....long story but i was thrown out with pregnancy & struggling with school, he even denied the pregnancy, called the child a bastard & shamed my family, i even received serious beatings & now i am aware his family was never in support of me especially his mother, they do not even CARE ONE BIT just doing eye service but GOD has delivered me from that sham of a marriage that had no testimony or a thing to show for it except my lovely daughter. The one that rejected a pregnancy can also throw out 4 kids as well. IT IS WELL WITH YOU, HAPPINESS & FULFILMENT SHALL LOCATE YOU SOON & ME

  3. hmmm this thing called marriage sha, not easy to be back to single after 4 kids, all your efforts was in futility because God did not ordain that union, as you were trying to save your marriage, if you and your husband had lived on GOD'S instructions He would have restored it and shame d devil but tht man that could throw out his own kids must have been sleeping around inviting more demons into your home that eventually made it crash. Well some men are WICKED, like in my own case just found out a lady out there has a child for him, reason he wanted an extremely lowkey marriage. Claim some 'invisible pastors' that said horrible things about me and my mother, well till those pastors are being called and their words confirmed they re all bunch of pathetic liars. Thank God i have been delivered, forward ever, backward never. SMILES!

  4. which actress is this again? anyway ladies you have to be really close to God to know when He is the one that sent d life partner you always prayed for or the devil, because the devil will actually send exactly what u requested to confuse you thinking its GOD cos its work is to destroy & steal our joy. like in my case, d day i met my ex husband i thought God had sent my angel...i was so wrong,details so dirty. But i know HE is a God of second chances. PLS be fervent in prayers and get delivered from oppression, because these oppressions can block ones eyes too from the good things. DROPS PEN

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  6. Who is you that anonymous that comment 12:50 .is it Olu famous that is talkig to like that. You are madam or girl. What is happenig or recent story for him. I cant believ no

  7. This is one sided story and until I hear from the other sides, it becomes very difficult for me to judge. You know, no one will tell his/ her story to be blamed. Therefore people should be careful to judge. Women are very difficult nowadays to satisfy not only with money or material things


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