Why We Bought N3.6bn Cars Despite Recession – House of Reps

The House of Reps has defended its decision to buy exotic cars for its 360 members at a period the country’s economy is in recession and many Nigerians are struggling to feed.

It said lawmakers must have a means of mobility while carrying out oversight duties over Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government.

The House will spend at least N3.6bn for the luxury vehicles.

The exclusive report by Punch indicated that the firm had already delivered 28 units of Peugeot 508 series to members in the first batch of 50 cars.

A total of 360 units of the exotic automobile would have been delivered by January 2017.

The Deputy Chairman, Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Jonathan Gaza, while defending the procurement of the cars on Thursday, said recession would not stop lawmakers from working.

He argued that in a recession, both the executive and legislative arms of government were expected to work even harder to find urgent solutions to challenges facing the country.

Gaza noted that while working during recession, members were not expected to trek to the premises of the MDAs for oversight duties.

But the usual practice is that lawmakers go on oversight functions together in a bus. 


  1. What is their salaries meant for?. They should provide their own transportation and accommodation out of their salaries. Nigeria should look for other ways to gather people to share our common wealth(go over ment- government).

  2. If they must buy cars that amount is too much at this time when about 33 states is unable to pay worker's salaries, when nation is crying because of recession. This is a selfish interest above patriotism

  3. Don't expect much from this selfish old fools

  4. The legislators are so insensitive to national development,as a result of their I never chop syndrome while occupying political office.How could reasonable government engages in buying expensive car while the citizens are wallowing in abject poverty and at the long run blame failures of their administration on PMB.... Nothing good can come out of this house.....

  5. They only focus on self not solving nigerians problems.

  6. They only focus on self not solving nigerians problems.


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