WOW! Andy Murray finally beats Djokovic to claim No.1 Spot in Tennis

With determination Andy Murray has silenced all arguments about who is the best tennis player as he subdued his greatest rival on a delirious night at the O2 Arena. The 29yrs old Scot took the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals title with a 6-3, 6-4 victory over Novak Djokovic to register his 24th straight victory that capped a late season surge.

He will now keep the world No 1 ranking for a matter of months not weeks, and becomes the 17th man to hold the year-end position since the computer whirred into life in 1973.

Murray produced a rock solid performance to take advantage of an occasionally wayward Djokovic who, despite a late rally. A big congrats to him!


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  2. congrats to Murray. by d way where is roger federa nd raphael nadal

  3. Congratulations Murray.

  4. Congrats Murray. I happy for you

  5. Stand up for the champion....


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