How We Escaped The Plane Crash – Lawmaker, Journalist

Four people who were due to board the plane that crashed, killing 71 in Colombia, have revealed how last-minute changes stopped them from getting on the flight, CNN reports.

The Lamia 2933 flight, carrying Brazilian football team Chapecoense, crashed on Monday. Six of the 77 people on board survived.
Gelson Merisio, a state legislator for Santa Catarina and an ardent fan of the Brazilian club, planned to travel with the players to watch them take on Atletico Nacional in the first leg of their Copa Sudamericana final.

50yrs old Merisio had been looking forward to the game only to switch his plans late on because of work commitments.

“I want to be clear, that while I was scheduled to fly on the plane with the team, I opted not to do it due to work obligations this week,” he wrote in a statement on Facebook.

Later, after the severity of the crash became evident, he paid tribute to those who lost their lives.

Just three players, Jackson Ragnar Follmann, Alan Ruschel and Helio Hermito Zampier Neto, survived the crash. Three others, two crew members and a reporter also survived.

Doctors in Medellin amputated Follmann’s right leg and he is currently in the hospital’s intensive care unit, according to Juan David Arteaga, the Undersecretary of Social Protection for the state of Antioquia.

Arteaga says Neto is under observation following multiple surgeries and Alan Ruschel is in the ICU.

Another person originally supposed to be on the plane was journalist Ivan Agnoletto. He said he gave up his seat for colleague Gelson Galliotto, who had always dreamed of covering such a huge game.

Agnoletto said, “The pain is still too much for me to think about if God would’ve saved me... I was scheduled to cover the game, but my colleague had a huge dream to cover an international final.

“When I told Gelson Galiotto the news that he could go in my place, he could not believe it: ‘Really? I’m really going?’ It was his dream.”

Agnoletto said he did not hear about the crash until his wife began to receive a barrage of calls with people offering their condolences.

“It was as if I was dead,” he added. “I went to the TV and saw the plane had crashed.”


  1. They should be thankful to God for sparing their lives. May the soul of the departed RIP.

  2. Thank God 4d survivors, may God comfort d families of d dead

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    May the dead rest in peace.

  4. they still have things to deliver to humanity.

  5. It's really a sad story for Brazilian

  6. I wish anything could be done to stop planes from crashing. The thing dey fear me o. What if to sey na me dey that plane? Haaaaa! Na die o.

  7. It's a very sad incident may the soul of the deceased rest in peace and may God heal the injured ones

  8. Thank God for saving your life, but may the soul of thost who lost their life rest in peace


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