My Husband Is Getting Me Worried, He's Into Many Things

Sometimes you need just one biz to make it, to some it's two and to others maybe four. But whatever the case you should be able to carry your spouse along well, to gain confidence.

Here's the complain of a lady who's just about a year in marriage:
My marriage to my husband is just 13months and it's like I don't know him despite we courting for 6years before settling down. 
My husband is so desperate (so to say) for money, he is into a lot of things, example...
MMM, Get Help, etc. that I'm not cool with. He has a well paid job, though I'm a stay home wife. Already told him he should let me know if the burden is too much on him so that I can get a job since he was the one that actually told me to stop work at the initial stage.
Please what's your take?